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In February 21, 2013
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Have you ever sat down and added up how much money $$$ you have lost over the years in dogs not getting pregnant (missed breedings) in your kennel??

Paige pups - Endless MT. Labradors

Well, I can tell you I have been there personally, and over the past 26 years of breeding dogs, it is enough to make a grown woman cry…

Many years ago, a breeder friend saved my business and helped me to never worry again about missing a breeding with my bitches ever again!!

I discovered an in-home ovulation test kit that has revolutionized my kennel business.  After doing almost 100  breedings in one years time, between my kennel, and a couple other kennels using this method, we only missed ONE pregnancy…and that bitch probably was not even releasing eggs.

All you have to learn to do is draw blood on your bitch (easy), or have your vet do it, and you can do this test in your home in just 20 minutes . We test every other day to measure progesterone in the bitch.  We can target ovulation to within 24-48 hrs.  We can be sure to do our breeding, either natural or A.I. (my preferred method) at the most FERTILE time in her cycle.  And guess what…we get LARGER LITTERS with this method as well!!

Forget progesterone “stat” testing,  that is as good as guessing for many, unless you have a LOT experience with this!

Forget breeding on the traditional day 10 and 14, we have found that some bitches ovulate as early as day 7 in their cycle, and some as late as day 26!!!

We have even been able to manage “split estrus” and have pregnancies.

The test is called “Premate” and is available through Camelot Farms.

Ask for Sharyn.

If you choose to use this method, we can provide the training/support for this.  OR, we do supply this service at our own personal fertility clinic in our area.

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