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Is Your Dog a Picky Eater?! The Answer is HERE!!!

Ok, ok, I know I’m stuck on nutrition right now… but how can I not be??? It’s so important! And sometimes your pets don’t make it easy on you!


Jolene puppy- Endless Mt. Labradors


What do we do when our kids don’t want to eat their vegetables? Give them candy, instead??? No! Of course not! So why would we put our dogs on a lesser quality food just because they’ll eat it? Of course they’ll eat it, junk food tastes great!

Anyway, I’ve often had people ask me about how to get their puppy or dog to eat their food. There is usually a particular concern with pups because they’re young and need that fuel to grow, right??

CH Endless Mt. Scotland Yard- Endless Mt. Labradors

CH Endless Mt. Scotland Yard, “Scotch”

Ok, so our Scotch (pictured above) is simply a picky eater. He gets bored with the same thing, likes variety, doesn’t have much of an appetite if he’s had a lazy day, etc… so we tried this product from BARF World called Etta Says! Liver Sprinkles. I know, sounds gross to a human… but let me tell you, we sprinkle that on Scotch’s food and he gobbles it right up! And they’re healthy and all natural! No need to compromise the integrity of his diet…

It’s awesome, really… I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone with a finicky eater on their hands! Works miracles…

I will say the only food I haven’t seen a dog reject is a raw diet… I know, back to that… it’s the raw elephant in the room. (Ok that was cheesy…) If you want to learn more about raw diet for your dog, you can check out my prior post on that topic here:


I’ve NEVER seen a dog NOT like Raw Diet!  Think about what your DOG would choose!!

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  1. Really enjoyed this recent Blog. Since we board Labrador retrievers in our home (no crates or cages), we offer to feed any guest dog our choice of kibble, especially if the owner is feeding a low quality “vet recommended” food. Since they tend to run off more energy here than in their own home, we add fruits and vegetables. I get the salad bowl out and use my semi-circle “chopper” to cut them up. If I’m lazy, I open up a can of mixed veggies, green beans or carrots instead. To me, there seems to be a correlation between non-chow hounds and owners who leave the kibble down, available to the dog all day. It really dulls the excitement of providing a meal for them. I’ve also offered dog raw, ground up, that I purchase from a local dog food supplier. Usually they take to it instantly. On occasion, they don’t recognize it as “edible.” they try it for the first time and toss it around in their mouth, uneasy about the consistency. But the second time I offer it to them, they “get” it and are usually eager for a taste after that. A tablespoon atop their meal is such a treat!

    1. Sounds like you’re doing some good stuff around there! 🙂 Good point about the “vet recommended” food. Funny how sometimes vets recommend our dogs eat twinkies, basically, huh??

  2. Thank you so much for your extremely knowledgeable & helpful information on Labs & food & pretty much all things puppy/dog!

    We are bringing home a chocolate female on Sat & due to your recommendation have decided to feed her Flint River Ranch! I placed my first order on Sunday night and received 2 – 20lb bags of Puppy & Adult Kibble today! I’m very excited! My question is; how much should we feed our 8 week old? The feeding instructions on the bag are rather vague regarding how much to feed a puppy. Also, is the “original formula” the only formula safe for a puppy? Or could we switch it up and feed her duck & oatmeal or another variety before she turns 1? Also, our breeder does require NuVet, so she will be getting one wafer a day (if that matters in food variety from FRR)…

    Thanks again for all of your wonderful information!

    1. Feed her a cup and a half, twice a day. 🙂 I would keep her on the original formula until she’s closer to 10 months at least. Congrats on your new pup!

  3. Actually, I had a mixed-breed dog that would gobble down Steve’s Raw food, frozen, as long as it was chicken or beef. He would not touch the turkey and would let it rot for days. I gave up on the turkey. A couple of years later, I found out he was allergic to turkey! So you never know!

  4. You can certainly find dog foods out there that emphasize flavor to tempt a picky eater. But most of the time, that comes at the expense of nutrition. But when you feed your dog a SAVOR

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