If you are a “true” dog person you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  All those trips out into the yard in the rain or snow to check “the poop.” Many times it gives us an idea if our dogs are getting the nutrients they need, or if they are stressed, and that its not watery or runny.

Has he pooped? When?  What texture?  I mean, its like we are examining baby diapers all the time like a good mother. Right? Or are we all just crazy?  LOL

Although I predominantly feed a  raw diet,  my daughter had an experience she wanted me to share with you. She was buying beef then mixing the E-BARF Plus into and making her own ‘BARF’ recipe, basically . I had failed to tell her when shopping for the beef it should be lean. Well, college student that she is, she bought the cheapest (fattiest) beef and Odin had the runs almost every day. She said she never knew she’d be such a ‘poop watcher.’” These runny poops are hard to pick up no matter WHERE you are—not to mention the “judgy” people staring at you as you attempt to scrape poop off pavement. The ‘scrape of shame.”  (I know some of you are laughing—I know it!)





As a raw feeder I’m looking for next to no poop because our canine companions get almost 95% of what you feed, and there is very waste. What is left dissolves and flies away in the wind! (Oh yeah, cancel the weekly POOP 911 company—you won’t need it anymore). To learn more click here.

I’ve never had any issues with poops since on raw, but when I use Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Regular food, (kibble) I’ve had no issues with runny poops—but most other dog foods give my dogs horrible gas and runny poops. They are adding so many unnecessary fillers and fiber to cheap it out on the better ingredients. I write on dog food and nutrition a lot, so for more blogs, check out my blog library and search by category!

Always keep a bag of poop bags ready—you never know when you will need them! Each time I’m like, “Oh he doesn’t have to poop, I’lll just run here and do ____________-“—guess what…I needed that poop bag. Then what do you do? Have someone hover over the poop pile so no one steps in it (not pleasant) until you run to your car to get poop bags? No way… I recommend just using a bag holder you can either hang on your pet’s collar or harness, or your belt, then you’ll always have one always available (see below).

For cleaning soiled areas on rugs we have used and HIGHLY recommend this powerful enzyme for almost 20 years. I use to only be able to get it at dog shows, now you can get it from Alden Odor Solutions.

If you DO have a “slimer” poop in public, just grab any paper on the ground, bags, or large leaves around you to help clean it up and cover the area and be considerate of others after your buddy has “done his job.”

These are our favorite bags.They are tough and they are used with recycled materials so we like that they are “green” /environmentally friendly, and also nicely scented with Lavender too!

We love this handy holder that can clip anywhere:(also earth-friendly)


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