THINGS TO CONSIDER DURING COVID-19 – “You and your Pet”–by Donna Stanley, Founder, EML

THINGS TO CONSIDER DURING COVID-19/Social Isolation – “You and your Pet”–by Donna Stanley, Founder, EML
1. Remember that dogs (and cats) cannot give or get this virus. There are still scores of pets being abandoned (due to misinformation) and shelters are asking for our help in adopting if we can. I’ve referred at least 3 people just this week to animals like this.
2. Keep a close watch on your dog. Pets-especially purebred-especially labs–theft is on the rise–times are crazy–I’ll say no more…
3. Keep your pet exercised just like you should yourself, for your physical and mental stability, during this time of isolation.
4. Keep 2-4 extra weeks of pet food around as we don’t know how long the self-isolation and advisories will end.
5. Take this time to teach a new trick, take your dog on more walks, go to isolated areas to hike and swim in mountain lakes and ponds. This can be therapeutic to both you and your dog.
6. Last night the president reminded us that mental health is a big concern right now as well as physical health. Check on those who are isolated with pets and be sure they are being cared for (and prevent abandonments)–help with temporary care for a pet while a person finds new housing/new job in these times–again–to prevent abandoned pets. And do fun things online with your pet to cheer up others–make them “social media therapy dogs” since we can’t do therapy at hospital and nursing homes and cancer centers for a while now. Offer to pick up not only human food, but pet food also for isolated neighbors–especially seniors.


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