My Labs have been a lifeline for me during the Pandemic. Here is why.

In July 20, 2020
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From the time we began lockdown in March, I wondered how long it would last and what in the world the outcome would be. Of course, I never expected our country to splitter into such unrest, hate, and anger, and the story is still unfolding.

But there are dogs.

I can’t tell you how many days I faced slight depression over the fallout of this pandemic on the lives around us, and my dogs still managed to make me smile, embrace the important things in my life that I could cherish at the time (daily), and they provided some great lessons that all dog lovers will probably resound with:

Dogs are loyal—in these days of fracturing relationships, I not once argued or disagreed on politics with any of my Labs.

Dogs see in black and white (?)—don’t jump to conclusions…trust me, they don’t see YOUR color nor care.

Dogs go on despite it all—they still wag and dance in the morning even when we have a hard day ahead. They make us laugh and smile after an even harder day.

Dogs are sort of predictable—with the news feeling like someone flipped a coin each day to decide how to shuffle the cards on us yet again, my canine family stayed devoted, steady, and even kept ME to a routine which is desperately needed in chaotic times.

My greatest joy—during so much death and destruction, was that I got to experience LIFE. Even though its been over 33 years of raising Labs, I never miss the miracle I experience each time a litter is born. It’s a promise of new life—a future—and HOPE. I cherish these dear little ones that, fortunately, are born into this world, hopefully, saved from the chaos we humans can cause in a broken world. I still welcome each new puppy with “welcome to the world!” when it’s born and cheer its every new accomplishment.

Here at EML, we still celebrate life, love, and innocence that embodies our pets. It’s a gift God has given us, and I’m so grateful for these souls!!! Stay safe, everyone. And don’t lose HOPE. Oh! And hug your dog!!!


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