What’s Your Favorite Color Lab?

In March 7, 2024

What’s Your Favorite Color Lab?

The Labrador Retriever breed comes in three recognized colors: black, chocolate, and yellow.

The yellow can range from a light creamy color to a toasty typical yellow coat, to a reddish tone many call “fox red”. But still, these different shades still fall under a yellow coat. Yellows should have a black pigment around their eyes and nose.

Chocolate may range from light to dark (though a nice dark chocolate coat is the proper chocolate coat) with liver pigment around the nose and eyes.

And then of course, the original… the black Labrador.

We breed every color to standard, and we love all of our dogs dearly.

But if I had to be honest, and pick a favorite… it would be black.

Now I’ll tell you, amongst pet clients, it seems like yellow and chocolate are the most popular and tend to get reserved the quickest. But, among many longtime lab owners and show clients, black is often the favorite.

My own personal preference has nothing to do with temperament or personality (because as you may have read already in this other blog post, color does not affect temperament), it is truly just aesthetics. That shiny luscious black coat and piercing eyes through a dark face… I just find them to be stunning.

We were at a dog show last Fall and when the young black bitch class all came out to the ring, my eye was just drawn to them instantly! Such beautiful silhouettes, and I don’t know why but it seems like most of the time they just have the best coats too (that double coat with a nice tail twizzle *chef’s kiss*).

Mackie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Now don’t come for me… I LOVE the yellows and the chocolates too. If anything, I find that maybe the reason some shy away from the black is because yes, they can be hard to get pictures of without playing with your camera’s light settings… But a picture of a black lab against white snow, for example? Gorgeous.

Maybe chocolate and yellow seem more popular because they are more “rare” in comparison to black, being the recessive genes? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just perception (or whatever we have less of seems more requested).

But either way, enjoy some photos of some stunning black Endless Mt Labradors from over the years…

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