Dr. Greg Cook (Our vet for over 20 yrs., lab lover) Broadway Animal Hospital Phone: 607-734-1272

Here are some letters from some of our many pleased clients! Sometimes it’s good for you to hear what OTHER people say about our dogs.

“I think they are going to be best buds!”

-Mark, of his Brisket (Sable x Sterling) and Roma (Clover x Neptune)


“Hi Donna,
I am writing with the sad news that our dear sweet Zoe has passed away. She passed peacefully at home in her bed with us next to her. She was a daughter of Romeo and would have been 15 next week on the 25th. She has given us 15 years of love and joy and we miss her so much. We are heartbroken! We wanted you to know that she had a wonderful life and was surrounded with kids, grandkids, granddogs and cats. Her tail never stopped wagging. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was perfect! I have attached a picture of Zoe the day before she passed soaking up the sun on our porch.
Anne and Nick ”


Sending our love to Anne and Nick as they grieve their sweet girl! We know how special those Romeo girls are…

Hello Donna & Jonathan,

First of all, hope you are both doing well.

It is with great sadness that we are informing you of the passing of our Wonderfull dog Olive on March 17, 2024. ( Endless Mountain’s Moonlight Olive.)

Born May 24,2010, Sire: Tealwood’s Endless Mt. Man in Black, Dam: Endless Mt. Sasha Alexandra.

She was everything you said she would be, and much more. Such an amazing girl!

Super aware and intelligent. Amazingly athletic and agile in the fields and woods. Indoors, she was a calm and cool couch potato.

The best part of it all was her disposition, a sweetheart, a clown and prankster. Loved by all who met her, both 2 legged and 4.

We always felt truly blessed to have her in our presence. Thank you for providing us with this enormously significant benefit to our lives.

Sending a few photos of Olive enjoying life, please find these as an attachment.


Best Wishes & Regards,

Mark & Sharon”


“Happy 3rd Birthday to Halo and all his litter mates today !! I wish I had gotten two out of that litter !!!  RB/Lotti”


“Rooney and Rocco have been great.  Super smart and just awesome dogs.  Rooney turned one yesterday.  Rocco will be one on the 24th.

Thanks so much

The Schimizzi’s”


“On our way to Florida in the motorhome, for the balance of Winter.  Here’s Annie & Maddie in their favorite positions.”

-John and Lil


“Hi Annastasia,

I just wanted to write and give you an update on our sweet Cooper! He is amazing! He is so smart – already knows sit, stay, leave it, touch. Is now sleeping 10pm-6:30am and is doing so great with his potty training! He loves having a big brother and Finn has taken to him so well. They play so much, share toys and love running around our backyard together. Cooper truly is my Christmas wish come true and I cannot tell you how impressed we are with him and how easily he has adjusted to our home. The kids adore him and he’s a celebrity wherever we go! We’ve even had friends tell us they are following you on social media after they met Cooper and see how sweet & calm he is! Thank you so much for choosing us to be Cooper’s family we are head over heels for our sweet boy 💙 Wishing all of you at Endless Mountain a Happy New Year!!!

My best,

Jen” 1/8/24

“Good evening,

We just wanted to take a quick moment and thank you. Back in July 2009, we were fortunate enough to get one of your pups from the Romeo/Holly litter. We named him Brody after Chief Brody from Jaws (one of our favorite movies). He has been nothing but a blessing in our lives for the entire time we had him.

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to him on July 28th, 2023…..almost 2 weeks after his 14th birthday. Dealing with his absence has been extremely challenging to say the least. We don’t have children, so our dogs are our everything. Despite the enormous grief we’ve been feeling, it’s worth every ounce of it to have him as part of our family for as long as we were allowed. He was such a quirky, unique dog who made everyone smile. On top of that, he had the handsome looks of Romeo!

Thank you for providing such wonderful dogs that truly do live long, healthy lives. Attached are some photos of Brody, I hope you can enjoy them as much as we do!

Thank you again!”

Brian and Erin 10/2/23

Hi Annastasia,

I just wanted to give you an update on Vincent aka Glenn. He is having so much fun at home and is always smiling (if not snoozing). He met his grandparents, aunt, and sisters so far. Everyone just loves him so much! He is a big sweetheart! Here are a few pics…

-Kristen 10/1/23

“Hazel is 15 years young!

…I attribute Her success to having a grain free diet along with Nu Vet vitamins.
She has been a pure joy to my life along with being certified TDI and helping others.
I am dedicated to making the rest of her life along with her brother Otto to be as comfortable as I would my own and when that dreaded time comes I will be needing Endless Mountain to heal my lonely heart ❤️ ”

-Shari (9/29/23)

Tilly and her sister Daisy (who lives nearby with our close friends the Snyders) celebrate their first birthday together!! Marina x River
Tilly shares our home with Luna 5 yo-
Evie x Sterling!
Thanks Endless Mountain for such great dogs.

Hi Annastasia!

I hope all is well. Got a good pic of my babies! Clover and Cali are having fun with their new sister, Carma! She’s a perfect addition to our family! Can’t believe she’s almost 9 months old! I think she’ll be bigger than both of them!

Hope all is well!

Amber (10/2/23)

Hi Annastasia,

I just wanted to let you know that Sophie is doing great. Everyone loves her. Piper loved her immediately. Meggie is coming around. Meggie let her nap on the bed with her yesterday so I know it’s only a matter of time before they’re best sisters. I attached some pictures for you.

Carol (6-1-23)

Hello Anastasia,
Just a note to let you know how much I love this girl!
She is such a love bug!!
I hope you are well😊

Also, thank you, for the article that was posted about heat and the pads that were recommended by Pet Parents, they’re awesome!!

They don’t stop her from looking for her scruncie that she pushes in between the cushions so she can find it again🤣!

She’s so much fun and has filled out so nicely.

Have a good day!
Nicole 4-18-23

Happy Friday! Bogeys getting bigger than our son Brooks!

-Brittlyn (3/24/23)


I can not tell you how grateful my husband and I are to have our Kodi. Last month Kodi turned 2 yrs old ( Clover/Bosco 2-20-21)and we could not be happier. He is a wonderful dog. He is easy going & gentle. Lovable, and at times goofy (in the best way!) He listens amazingly well. Enjoys playing with our grandkids and other dogs. Loves to swim, fetch balls, run on the beach, or sit quietly at our feet. He is the best!

Thank you for all that you do to produce such amazing labradors!

-Karyn (3/20/23)

Rory when he was a few months younger. Pretty picture, thought
like it for the gallery.
Best regards,
Anne Carretta (3/18/23)

The girls are doing wonderful!! They’re so smart and have been the perfect addition to our family.

Julie (2-27-23)


We purchased Sugar from you in 2011. I believe her parents were Paige and Crush. She turns 12 this year. She is so sweet and loving her life in Charleston, SC.
Gary 2-18-23

Hi Annastasia,

Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you. Just dropping a note on the occasion of Shadow’s first bday to let you know he’s doing well and we’re very pleased with him. He weighed in at 72lbs yesterday (not sure how much bigger he’ll get?!). We’ve sent several curious and enamored strangers up to Endless Mountain in the last year and will continue to do so. Take care,


Thank you for the gift of our Lucy!!
She had a great birthday celebration!
Give Lottie and RB a hug of gratitude for us!!

We couldn’t love this dog more! So grateful to you all !
Happy birthday Halo ! And his litter mates!

Wanted to give you an update on Rose (Sara/Harrison 11/7/21). She just passed her puppy training (so proud!) and is still very much in love with Sunset (poppi/Carson 1/9/19). A few pics attached. We love our EM pups!


Tara (8/6/22)

Hi, Annastasia!

Thought I would let you know that Chester has earned his trick dog novice title (to be honest it was not too difficult…but was still fun!). We will shoot for the intermediate title in September. In the meantime, we start a nose work class on Sunday and a rally skills class next Tuesday. It is so much fun developing a close partnership with Chester and making all of these activities fun games to play!

Hope you are doing well. Chuck (8/4/22)

P.S. here is pic (“paws up” trick) from the final trick class we took. 😊

Had to share this one❤️
Cali adores Jake.
Jake, when he’s up for it, loves her back

Nicole (8/7/22)

Hi, Annastasia!  I wanted to let you know that Chester passed his Canine Good Citizenship test on his eight month birthday (June 19)! I have had a blast working with him and look forward to entering him in various dog sports. His good natured disposition, fun-loving personality, and studious attentiveness make him a joy to work with as my canine companion. Thank you for such a great dog—Chuck

Hi Annastasia,

I wanted to reach out simply to tell you what a perfect puppy Tiger is (from the River/Paisley litter). He’s about 16 weeks old now and is so calm, happy, and handsome. He’s also super smart, and is picking up on basic training SO fast with just positive reinforcement / treat training – sit, down, place (go to his cot), leave it – and walks beautifully by our side either on-leash or off-leash (on our daily little hikes). He’s wonderful with my three young kids (except for the occasional puppy nips, but that’s quickly getting better too!).

He’s definitely living his best life, and we love him so much already. Thank you for your incredible work – we hope to come back to you in the next year or so to bring home a new little friend for him.

Christy (6-9-22)

She is so smart & mellow!! Gorgeous & sweet!! We absolutely love her. She has been doing great!! Our other dogs have fallen n love, as well!!
Warm Regards,
Shannon (5-26-22)

Good morning Annastasia!
We are SO in love with our new baby boy! Our daughter is over the moon about him. When she saw him(he was a surprise)she squealed and announced to the world
“Mommy got me a puppy”!!!! Lol I wish I had gotten a video of it☺️
I just want to thank you for everything, you made the whole process an amazing experience! We can’t wait for him to have a play date with his brother! We’ll send you pics of that too❤️

All the best,
Meghan (5-20-22)

Just wanted to send a few photos of Ozzy. One week in and we are 100% SMITTEN!!!
Thanks for everything!
-The Frucces (5/20/22)

Recent photo of my Boon Companion.
Greg (5-17-22)

Emerson (Whisper x Sterling) -1 year old

Hi Annastasia!

Thank you for the pictures! We had a great time bonding on the drive to the Buffalo airport. She was great the entire drive!

We had quite the adventure. Our flight was 3 hours delayed. We finally boarded and sat on the plane for 30 minutes only for them to tell us the plane had maintenance issues and it couldn’t be fixed that night. We had to go see the ticket agent and schedule a new flight. Thankfully, I was in the 2nd row and was able to get off the plane quickly to get in line.

We managed to get on the next flight out to Denver, which was the following night. We had to take a shuttle to a hotel and stay the night, then hang out the next day waiting to leave.

We decided to name our puppy Cedar. She was so well behaved throughout the entire ordeal.

On the flight home, she slept the entire time inside her carrier with her little head peaking out.

I will be back in the future for another pup!


Heidi (5-17-22)

Good morning!! Thank you so much for the adorable pics-of course my eyes are closed 😂‼️ We are in absolute love, she has filled our hearts so full we could burst! She is settling in so well and an absolutely amazing girl. She fits in our family perfectly, as if she has been here forever!

Please thank your Winnie for doing such a good job of socializing her-your daughter did a wonderful job!

Thank you again for everything-here are a few pics showing you just how well she fits in!

Have a wonderful week!!!
Karen and Mitch (4-27-22)

Ruby is doing well. She is doing well with house training and seems to sleep through the night so far.. She had really adjusted to her new surroundings..
We are in love.
Furze family (4-19-22)

Hi Annastasia/Donna,

Currently we have Lucy (Trixie/Manny 2010), Meggie (retired momma), and Piper (Sicily/Sterling 2016). I’ve attached some pictures. Meggie has a ton of personality and fits in perfectly with our family. We love them all tons.


Carol (3-21-22)

Hi Annastasia- Our Maisie (Harper x Odin) is just over a year old. Hard to believe! She’s beautiful, smart and such a sweetheart.

Linda (3-6-22)

Hi Annastasia! Say here is the picture of the three of us that I promised to send. Chester continually brings many smiles to our faces. He is seems like a quick learner. I love the way he focuses on us, watches us, and studies our every movement.

Chuck (12-27-21)

We hope you had a Merry Christmas.  Sorry I didn’t email sooner. Bear is unbelievable. He’s a perfect boy. He’s getting big. He weighs 68.5 pounds. We are so happy, can’t speak good enough about him. We love him soooooo much!!! Happy New Year to all of you at EML!!! Thank you again for our perfect boy!!!

Carl (12-31-21)

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! Thank you for the wonderful gift of Lucy!!! She brings us so much joy and laughter!!
The Helenski Family (12-14-21)

Hi Anastasia

I wanted to send some photos of Maya

Karin (12/10/21)

Hi Annastasia,

Happy Holiday from Ollie!! Here are a few pictures of this past fall and into the start of winter!! He is absolutely stunning and is always the talk of the town. Such a lovely boy and is doing so well. We are coming up on his first birthday in February, we cant wait to celebrate with him. He has been such a great companion. Will continue to send updates and pics!!

Chris (11-30-21)

Thought you would like to see two of your beautiful girls….. Grace 1/26/21 (Hannah x Bosco) & Tanker 12/20/17 (Millie x Devon).

Happy Holidays!!!

Kathy (11-12-21)

Good Morning Annastasia,

Today Hamilton is 15 months old and doing great.  First of all he is stunningly handsome.  We frequently get compliments while on our walks.  He is a VERY muscular 82 pounds.  A hair shorter  than Brennan but definitely bigger in all aspects.  His face is RB’s and the body is Brody.  From your description of Brody on the website we have another sweetie.  Hamilton has a fun but very loving personality.  He wants so badly to be Brennan’s buddy.  Brennan is very tolerant of Hamilton and is starting to play with him more.  The two are getting along fine.  This picture does not do Hamilton justice.

Hope all is well at Endless Mountain

Jennifer (10-13-21)

He is doing great.  75 lbs of pure cuddles and love.  Goes to work everyday with Roger and loves every minute of it.
Thank you for him.  We love him so much!💙

Stacie (10-13-21)

(Logger- Paisley x RB)

Hello Anastasia,

I took this picture today. Bear is doing really good! We couldn’t be happier. He weighs 40 pounds.
Thank you so much for such a beautiful, wonderful dog.

Carl (10-13-21)

EML Daisy Mae. 4Th Birthday

Annette (10-7-21)

This girl is pretty and smart! She passed her K9 Nosework ORT’s (odor recognition tests) ~ next step trialing. retired EML Blanca

Christy Ann (9-3-21)

Hi there, just wanted to give a hello from Artemis! She was a pup from Harper and Odin’s litter last summer (7/5/20). She’s a feisty, spoiled girl for sure but is also such a mush and a great big sister to her baby ☺️  She’s just the best ❤️

Thanks again for our big baby,

Lauren & Steve (9-12-21)

Hey Annastasia!

We had all our EML together for the holiday & thought you’d love an updated picture.

From left Dexter (1 yr 3 mo) Max (9 yrs) Poppi (8 yrs) Beau (brother of Dex 1 yr 3 Mos) we are all at Our house on St George Island Florida 😎

Anastasia just wanted to share a picture of Misty. She is living her best life.   :). She has the sweetest personality and I can’t even begin to tell you how smart she is.  She knows how to sit, lay down, come, roll over, paw. She sleeps through the night and hasn’t cried since day one. 🙂
-Marianela 8-25-21

Hi Anastasia,

Had to share this photo.

London adores her big brother, Gunner!

Hope all is well!

Jen 9-5-21

Hi thought you would enjoy this picture of the boys Ted and Murphy after their bath! Love the shampoo

Thank you
Home safe and sound
Gunner was so excited to meet her.
They were playing right away

Patrick 8-21-21

Pictured: Gunner (Kindle x Cadbury) and new puppy London (London x RB)


We wanted to thank you and Endless Mountain Labradors for matching us with our wonderful girl, Abbey (RB x Emily). Since we brought her home in March 2021, she has been an absolute delight. She is smart, sweet, and outgoing. Abbey is gentle and patient with our four year old daughter, and she has been quick to learn good house manners. She loves to snuggle, but she knows not to get up on the furniture.

Abbey is quite the charmer with other dogs and humans alike. We live in Washington, DC, and we don’t have a big yard. We take Abbey to a nearby park every morning, where she runs and plays with many other dogs. She’s a social butterfly, greeting everyone first before settling in to play with her best buddies. On walks around town, Abbey loves getting her sidewalk belly rubs from passersby.

Abbey is almost seven months old now, and she is transitioning from cute puppy to beautiful lady dog. She has brought so much fun, love, and joy into our home. Thank you again for matching us with this wonderful girl!

Washington, DC

Jessie Rose (Juliette& Scotch 5/2/20) it is like you have been forever with us. I knew the minute I saw you after you were born & holding you in my arms when we picked you up you were my forever girl.
Today marks you being 4 month olds.
Smart, fast, lovable & you fear nothing. You keep your brother Jocko Tucker (Hanna& Reign) on his feet & he is in love with you! Having two EML’s is the best decision we ever made!
Thank you
Donna Stanley
Annastasia Sage

Kim (9-1-20)

These where taken 2 years ago. He has grown a lot. He definitely continued to grow right up to 4 years.

I’ll send you something more recent soon.

Richela (8-26-20)

Hard to believe we picked up Rocket a month ago! He’s doing great and is the best balance of affection and puppy fun.

He’s already been to horse shows, camping, Canoe rides, small hikes and is my sidekick when we’re at the stable. The gals at the stable pour on the attention when they see him. He’s a very behaved fella at the barn and then prefers to snuggle with me before bedtime.

He has no fear, loves the water and looks great in his puppy life vest!

Hope all is well!
Renee Sydorowych (8-3-20)

Hello Ladies…

Just wanted to send some pictures of our wonderful Chocolate Lab, Bear. “Endless Mountains’ Sir Bear of Great Sterling”. We picked him up from you on September 28th, 2019. He was born August 2nd, 2019. His father is Sterling and his mother is Gloria.  He celebrated a spectacular one year birthday today.

Attached are some pictures.

We thoroughly enjoy having Bear as a part of the family. He is such a sweet boy. Well mannered and good tempered. He gets along with everyone, including other dogs. We are lucky to have such an awesome lab.

Thanks again for the great breeding!!

John (8-2-20)

Hi Annastasia! Swizzle is adjusting so well. We’ve had the best three weeks possible. He’s been in a lake and now we’re at my Mom’s on the jersey shore. He’s been a wonderful addition. The potty training has been going great and he even sleeps through the night now. I couldn’t be happier so thanks again!
All my best,
Deb (7-20-20)

Hi Endless Mountain Family!
Finnegan mr puddles campbell turned 2 yesterday!  The love that your dogs brought into our lives is beyond measure ! Thank you for being such an amazing breeder. Our lives were “ furever “ changed . Please enjoy his birthday pics. I must say he is having the life he deserves ♥️

Karen (7-15-20)


We wanted to send a few photos of Bentley and let you know what a wonderful addition he has been to our family. We could not have wished for a better disposition and companion.

Please let us know when you plan of breeding Reign and Bree again. We may be interested in a brother for Bentley.


John and Sarah (6-28-20)

Thought I would send you all a picture of Dakota from the river this weekend as we were finally able to start water training. She is growing fabulously.

Happy 4th!

Rob (7-4-20)

“Here is Cody a Reign & Lottie puppy born 4/25/18 and I finally got a picture of him with my brother who drove us 13 hours to Pennsylvania to pick up Cody. We all love him to death and he is a total velcro dog except when he is being curious. He is also so friendly, social, and confident, and the fireworks on every 4th of July hasn’t bothered him at all. I am so thankful to Endless Mt. Labradors for this wonderful joy in our lives.”

-Allen (6/28/20)

Puppy ? love sent from Jocko ❤️❤️ (Hanna x Reign)

Kim (6-20-20)

Thought you might enjoy this picture of Lotti at almost 2 years old. She’s been a wonderful companion.


“Not only are they beautiful, fun loving, smart, obedient and willing to please – they make me proud. I received a glowing compliment after trusting my furry friends to the care of a kennel for a week, “Your Labs are the best dogs with such great dispositions and beautiful heads with soft expressions”. From a man who has seen thousands of dogs in his 30 years of business. EML Honey and Newton. Edit: Not to mention they are the best swimmers…this pic is a second of stillness in the midst of after swim zoomies!”

-Monica 11-19-19

“Annastasia, this sweet dog is the best thing that has happened to our family. I am in Awww ? every day watching how she makes us all better people. Thank you for blessing us with her! I will send more pictures!

Erin” 11-12-19

“REO, born 4/28/18 from Mercy, REO is the happiest boy 24-7,he has become quite famous in the construction world here in Wisconsin everybody knows REO, thanks again, I love this dog with all my heart”

-Bruce 11-12-19

This is Ivy. She is is sweet, smart and spunky. We all love her so much. She is absolutely adorable and we all love spending time with her. Thank you!
Kate” -11/5/19 (Lottie x Reign puppy)

“How are you all? Gracie is doing great and is such a sweetheart!
She is very smart too.
We love her so much!❤️
Have a great day, Annastasia!
-10/28/19 (Lottie x Reign puppy)

“Stella and Gracie”

-Lauren 10/26/19 (Bree x Reign litter)

“Angus and Andy. They get more wonderful everyday!”

-Danny Parker 9-11-19

“Hi EML,

I have to write you to tell you about this dog.  She is AMAZING.  Indigo was from a litter born on 10/28/18.  People say labs are mischievous puppies for 2/3 years.  This sweetie has already calmed down and is the best behaved dog I’ve ever met.  She’s gentle with my 84 year old mother and she’s totally tolerant of my 14 year old autistic daughter.  She knows when to be loving with her and when to leave her alone.  She doesn’t beg, rarely barks, and only occasionally jumps up on us.  And the amazing part is that we’ve barely trained her.  We’ve been really remiss about the training but lucky for us this sweet girl seems to intuitively train herself.  Not to mention she’s the most beautiful lab I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, she was the most expensive dog I ever thought I’d purchase but the effort that went into breeding her was worth every penny.  We are madly in love with her and so grateful to you.

Many thanks,
Jessica” 7-10-19

“He is the yummiest lab ever! We are so in love with him. His trainer from the Denver Zoo is obsessed with him. She is constantly posting photos of him on her website and Facebook page. His name fits him…. although he was named after the Great Lake , he is superior in all things bc he is so smart , loving and beautiful. He has filled my heart with so much love during a time when I have needed it…my boys are away at University and my house would be too quiet if I didn’t have Sup. His parents are Sicily and Manny. they produce yummy dogs!” -Cindy 5-21-19

“Hi Anna –

Can’t believe our little girl is 16 weeks! She is a total love and has won the hearts (and many many belly scratches and pets) of the neighborhood. She already knows how to sit and come, and we are trying really really hard to learn “drop it”. Here are a few pics of Sunset (Poppy/Carson 1/9/19) – she is just so adorable!

Tara” – 5/2/19

“Just wanted to drop you a line to wish all a Happy Easter. I sure am feeling very blessed to have my wonderful EML, Avalon, by my side.

Avalon, at only 14 weeks old, is proving to be the best pup ever. Smart, eager to learn, composed and oh so handsome! I can not begin to share all of the complements I have received on this boy! We are mid puppy manners/basics class and will start puppy agility in the beginning of May.

Every day is a gift with Avie! Thanks again for all the attention you give to your breeding program. Without you hard work my Avie(Poppi x Carson 1/9/19), and countless other impressive labs I would imagine, would not be gracing this world!

All the best to all,

Brenda 4-19-19”

“Hello Anastasia:

Just wanted to say hello and give you a little update. Josie is amazing. We are so in love with her. She is so smart and sweet just the best !!! I’ve attached a pic so you can see how big she is getting. Thank you so much to you and Donna for everything. ” -4/9/19

“Hey Annastasia,

Just wanted to check in and let you know that baby Sage has been amazing! Thank you for all your help. We always have the best experience coming up to PA and its because of you and the Stanleys. I have bragged and bragged about yall 🙂

Anyways, here are a few pictures because I couldn’t help myself.


(Everyone has adjusted fairly smoothly)” -3/4/19

“I think she gets better looking each day. She turns six this month.” -12/22-18 (Jim Primm, his Sadie (Ruby x Mackie))

He fell asleep in his food bowl. Later he drug out Reese’s big blanket and went to sleep on it. Plus, I have a buddy that likes to hang in the kitchen with me. He is a doll.

Hi Anastasia,

Here is a picture of Chloe. We are completely in love with her! She is so sweet and smart. Chloe and her older sister, Sage (Vegas & Atlas) have become fast friends! Chloe is already shaking, sitting and giving kisses!
-Wendy (10/22/18)

Hello Anna hope all is well,
It’s been a while sense I sent a new photo and an updated on my boys.. Both are doing great they are inseparable. Angus has a not so little blond shadow. Andy is growing like weed and is very mellow.
They make a perfect duo. – Danny (10/19/18)

Hi Donna & Endless Mountain labradors family! I just wanted to give you a quick update on Boone, the puppy we picked up on September 14th from the Maggie X Sterling litter. He is doing fantastic and the whole family absolutely adores and spoils him. We constantly get compliments from others about how cute and friendly he is. So my family and I would just like to say thank you for giving us an incredible addition to our family. He has helped us all heal from the loss of our previous chocolate lab that we loved so much. I am so grateful we found such a trustworthy breeder and we will definitely be back in the future! Along with this message I thought I’d send you some pictures from this past weekend when we took Boone to a local pumpkin patch. He is priceless, thank you soo much again!!!!  10/17/18

Hello Anna-
Just a quick note that Morgan earned her Rally Novice Title!
We have 1 leg towards our Intermediate Title too. Rally is so much fun. She loves going to shows. People just love her too.
Hope you’re having a great fall.
Take Care- Becky (10-16-18)

Beautiful head shot of Alexander, a son of Berlin and AM Grand CH Endless Mt Shines Like Sterling (“Sterling”), 20 months old.

Alexander is Russian Grand CH, Belarusian CH, Club chock winner, as well as JCH.
Owned and loved by Sanbirds Labradors and Stenveyz Labradors.
This breeding wouldn’t have been possible without a great help by a wonderful friend Angelita.
Donna Stanley Alexandra Oksana Tatiana Thank you!

-Elena (10/15/18)

Hi Donna,
This is 2 yr old Jack, from sterling and evie. This pic reminded so much of his dad I wanted to send to u and and of course had to mention we couldn’t be happier with our boy! ?
He works with me at my therapeutic horseback riding center. In this pic he’s ‘inspecting’ the hay, or, more likely, looking for the barn cats lol
couldn’t ask for a better companion for not only me, but the horses and the special needs riders we serve.

Lil calls me a dog hog

Hi Anna, thank you for training advice!!!
And I’ve turned everyone onto endless Mt oils!
Ok so before Lucy became available I had been searching for a yellow, if you remember, because I had lost my chocolate and didn’t think I was ready to have such a reminder.
So you sent me the pic of Lucy & I knew she was mine so ended my search. THEN shortly after the woman I first contacted, who was bellas breeder, said she had a yellow for me. Now I got my sweet Bella 10 years ago, and I learned a lot from your website. So once I found you guys I was set, endless mt would be my go to breeder forever. BUT, of course she sent a pic of this little yellow girl & I though oh what the heck I’ll have 2. I had planned on having 2 this time but I was thinking of waiting until Lucy was 1 or 2.
SO yellow Daisy arrived at the end of July.
Daisy was a bit timid upon arrival. So calm puppy & lucys & my love has brought her out of her shell. Then she had a bladder infection. I took her to the vet and we took care of that. Then the poor girl got worms, I saw them in her poop on a Friday evening after vet was close. I immediately started the digestive oil and put DE on everything and a bit in food, for Lucy too as a preventative. By the time I got her to the vet on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) there was NO sign of parasites. I kept them both on the digestive oil for 30 days & will now do it periodically as a preventative.

By boyfriends dog has had allergy issues forever! She gets so full of snot you have to literally pull it out of her nose. He thought I was a bit talking about these oils. I gave him some he never used. Finally he had to travel and asked me to watch her. Haha!!! I used the allergy blend all weekend and put the respiratory oil in the diffuser. When he picked her up he noticed the difference, and now is using the oils I gave him.

Ear blend for daisy. Ear blend to my girlfriends dog. Ear blend and would care to my moms dogs. Flea and tick to everyone.

I’m so terrified to run out I have a back up of everything!! Everyone I’ve given them to has become a believer!
Oh and switched my mom to Barfs.

And my daisy girl is now a cuddly healthy happy girl. And Lucy, my little long ear’d beauty queen is the sweetest girl ever.
My vet commented on her temperament, her health, and her super model looks. Your pups are amazing! I have found my people. I’ll never use another breeder. I’m glad your pups are priced right because only serious lab lovers need apply!

Ok sorry I’m so long winded. And I’m typing on my phone so please excuse typos.
I’ll attach pics of Lucy & her sister daisy.
Oh and Lucy’s best friend, which is her lovey from your house. I doubt you remember but she was holding it and I asked if she could have it. There’s no stuffing in the body anymore and she falls asleep with it in her mouth. So cute. I keep it safe just for her.

Thanks for all you guys do!
-Happy (9-27-18)


We picked up the bigger of the two girls. You were spot on—her temperament was so sweet and cuddly, and she is just GORGEOUS! We named her Luna 🙂

Thanks for helping us through the process again. We’ll let you know how Luna’s integration with Kruz goes over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks, again!

Lauren (9-8-18)

Follow up two days later…

He wants to play with her all the time. And she is so bold with him, but he’s gently put her in her place :). Each day they get sweeter and sweeter with each other—she loves to play with him, and he loves her new toys, so it’s a win/win. It is shocking how small she is compared to him (he’s 100 pounds!)

We love her so much! (9-10-18)

We are curious about the accomplishments of our girl Piper’s littermates.

Piper has had an incredibly strong work drive from her first day with us. She is constantly asking to train. She is currently training an average of four to six hours each week.

By six months of age Piper had her CGC and first three AKC Trick Dog titles. She attended a two day training seminar with Kyra Sundance to continue her Trick Dog training and added canine conditioning skills to her repertoire.

At one year of age she earned her Therapy Dog certification. Last month she added her Advanced CGC, Community and Trick Dog Performer titles and got a qualifying score in her first Rally Obedience competition.

Once a week Piper trains for an hour in the community with one of three children (age 7 to 12) to tame her excitement around children and prepare her for eventual child related Therapy Dog visits. Watching a seven year old take Piper through her paces, demo their tricks, and explain the importance of their training techniques to the people she meets warms the heart.

We would love to hear about the other Carson x Vegas pups and see photos.

All’s well with Lottie. Thought you might enjoy the pictures.

All best,


This is Endless Mountain Hubble with his new family…Kathy Leppig and her husband Steve Lewis, daughters Hannah and Grace Lewis and his new friend Endless Mountain Darwin. Thanks to all of you in Pennsylvania for the last 15 years with your labs, including our Endless Mountain Daisy, now in dog heaven

Just wanted to share how proud I am of my boy Henry (Heath/Dove)! After a lot of hard work, time, and patience, he has earned all of his AKC obedience titles! AKC Star Puppy, CGC, CGC-Community, and CGC-Urban. I love him more than anything ❤️–Allison Getty


It’ll be two years in July since we picked up our Ben (Juliet/manny) from EML. We could not be more grateful for this wonderful dog!! He is not only ABSOLUTELY gorgeous but he is calm (always has been) and sweet and smart. Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful & calm he is (no one can believe how young he still is. They think a lab should be “crazy”!) Someone stopped me in the pet store when Ben was 7 months and asked “Is he an Endless Mountain Lab?” (We love on Long Island a short distance outside of NYC) So your reputation has quite a reach!

Ben is currently being trained to be a therapy dog. A dog this awesome needs to be shared with others!

Thank you again. Our four kids are begging for another, so maybe we’ll see you agaiSincerely,Lauren Flood 5-22-18

Happy 1st Birthday to Otis(Vera & Hero) and his litter mates (the males pictured here). He is my favorite piece of work in progress. He is one fox chasing , bug swatting, opinionated, selective hearing young man you ever want to meet. He loves everyone and we love him. Thanks ? Endless Mountain for bringing such a joy to our lives–Ann Russel 06/07/18



Hello Donna,
Morgan & I did it! We competed in our first UKC show yesterday and in fact our first dog show- she did a great job! (We competed in the altered class) We received so many compliments on how beautiful she is and “Where did you get her?” She’s a natural. She looked like she’s been showing for years. She will be 6 years old on 6-11-2012 ( We just started learning how to show in April) I have an amazing group of friends who are mentoring us. I couldn’t ask for better ladies to help and guide us. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful dog!


Hello EML! We’ve only had Cosmo (Harlowe x Brody) for just under 3 months, but we are floored by his temperament! He’s getting to be a big boy, he’ll be six months next week and is weighing in at 67lbs. We are lucky to be able to walk him 4-5 miles a day and he always stops to take some play time in the river. Cosmo has been exposed to all  types of different people and circumstances and has aced them all (he had no “fear stage). Including our two 18 year old cats that have helped show him the ropes.We honestly are blown away that he behaves so well at such a young age. We are so thankful for all your hard work because it has certainly paid off. We were going to wait until our EML pup was about a year or so old until we got another pup, we figured by then it would be a very well-behaved dog, but we feel Cosmo is so good that we can move up our timeline. I never thought that we would be able to do that, which is just a testament to your breeding. I can’t imagine life without Cosmo and look forward to him having a little sister one day -from EML of course!



Joelle, Steve, Cosmo, Harley & Piggy  (3-11-18)

–Caroline Reichet

Very healthy, amazing genes. Our vet started seeing another chocolate puppy the same time we got our chocolate EML girl, and the difference was staggering (beautiful coat color, bone structure). Our vet is always happy with how how healthy and strong our girl is. I know many folks with Labs from other places and we’ve thankfully never had the same dental, ear, or digestive issues as many others have had. I think it’s a true testament to how Donna breeds her dogs. EMLs are worth every penny!

Sheri Lau Hohenschutz (2-22-18)

Morgan’s temperament. She’s sweet, smart and beautiful. Everything EML says their dogs are- they are all that and more.

Becky Haskenopf (2-22-18)

My precious baby girl, Kodi, is 6! Where does the time go?! I feels like I just picked her up from Donna Stanley yesterday! I couldn’t ask for a better girl though! She amazes me everyday, still!!! 2 weeks ago We trained her to find shed racks from deer and elk and she’s always had a great nose. Finding my cancer before the doctors even could proved that for me. Yesterday she lead me to 3 bull elk and 1 buck!! All still with their racks on but she knew what she was looking for!!! Can’t wait to go back out today and see if we can find some more!!
Thank you Donna for all your hard work you do to better this awesome breed!!! ❤️?–Dani Alba 1/25/18


5 years ago today we went to Endless Mt. Labradors to pick out our new best friend. Every day I reflect on how thankful I am that he was brought into our lives!!! Thank u, once again, Donna StanleyJonathan Stanley for the part u each played in this gift!!! Timber has impacted our lives more than I can express!!!–Lisa Konopka 02/07/18

“So blessed with my two from Endless Mountain.
Dakota 6yrs and Cheyenne 2yrs. Could not ask for better dogs.
Highly recommend!”  *****  (Dawn Ross) 02/19/18


Thank you for our Gracie-Faith! She turned 6 yrs old on Dec 1st. Her father is Manny. Seeing Manny’s picture in your Newsletter prompted me to send you some “comparison” pictures of him and one of his many daughters…today.

1 picture of Manny
2 Adult-current pictures of Gracie
1 puppy picture of Gracie

Feel free to use her pictures in any way you like…if you want to.

Thank for our Gracie. She is the SWEETEST girl we have ever had and love her with all our heart…and so do friends and family.

May Your Day Be Blessed

Deb (1-5-17)

Hi Donna,
I wanted you to see Ben. He really is a beauty and such a good natured dog…I don’t know if you can see from this photograph but I think he looks a lot like Mackie. We are often asked where we got him and Ella too! Ella is here with him.They are great dogs. We couldn’t be happier!
All the best,
Nancy (1-5-17)

Hi Donna,

Happy New Year’s Eve! We are looking to add to our doggy family. We have Rosie from your Kitty/Preston litter born in 2014 and love her to pieces. She is the sweetest, smartest dog and I think she (and we) would love a furry friend. We would like another female but are otherwise open re: color. What litters do you have planned for later this winter or early Spring?

Lauren (12-31-17)

A few pics of our Rosie girl! 🙂

Hi donna- We adopted Penny (Harlowe/Brody) on Saturday, 11/18/17. Penny just went for her 14 week check up and is doing great! She’s a doll just like Darla (Emmy/ Bam 11/2010) and it didn’t take long at all for Darla to love her too. It’s been so much fun to watch them get to know each other! Penny’s weighing in at 28 lbs, and the vet’s office just loves her! Darla has taught her to walk well on the leash. Just wanted to give you a quick update!
-Thanks again for producing these great labs!
Tammy (12-2017)

Hi Anna,

Passing on a few recent photo of Cooper and Mattie. In the First Swim photo they are probably 4.5 and 3 months old. The others were taken over the past week with Cooper a few days short of 6 months and Mattie 4.5 months.

They are both doing very well and are inseparable. They’ve each developed their own personality; Cooper more serious and Mattie the precocious instigator. They loved the snow yesterday during the walk in the woods; especially Mattie. She was non-stop until the drive home when they both collapsed.

Hope all is well with you and EML. Pass on a hello to Donna and Jonathon for us, and happy holidays.

Regards, Rob 12-2017

Hi and happy holidays to one all!!
Just wanted you to know, Dave, Bogie and I just got back from AKC Nationals in Orlando this past weekend. He was invited to the NADD ( North America Diving Dogs) Nationals after earning an advanced title and qualifying for the event.
I was extremely proud of him during the entire competition. Nationals is an absolutely insane environment and new to him, that was held at the Orange County Convention Center. Over 5,000 dogs where there during the competition of Agility, Confirmation, Obedience, Dock Diving and Air Retrieve.
Not only did Bogie do very well during his jump, he remained calm and very obedient while we where checking out all the other events and vendors.
You will be happy to know he got tons of attention for his “cute / handsome looks and great personality.”
I am over the moon with Bogie and just love our other two EML’s.
Have a blessed holiday season.
Jen 12-2017

Hi Annastasia,

Thanks again for the advice this morning. 🙂

As requested, I just wanted to send a few pictures of Hobie (a.k.a. “The Godfather”). He is still the absolute BEST dog and my opinion of him has only grown over time. Because of his mellow temperament, he is always up to snuggle and lounge. He attracts lots of friends (both human and canine!) and is an absolute joy. The snow is still his favorite thing in the world, so 2 of the pictures are Hobie in his natural element. I can’t imagine my life without him and I can’t thank you all enough for trusting me with his care.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures! I hope all is well up at EML. If you all ever do any reunion/events, please let us know – we’d love to make a trip back 🙂

Thanks again,

Hey Anna,

Just wanted to say hi, and share that Murphy is doing well and loving his new home and family. Here is a picture.

The O’Hara’s (8/9/17)

Hi there,

You may remember me from 2 years ago getting a chocolate female from the first Mercy x Brody litter. Her name is Tiki

I was looking at the pictures on your site and noticed the first picture of Brody’s offspring (chocolate female being held by a person in a plaid shirt). That is my Tiki! You sent me that picture a few weeks before we picked up. If you would like, please do identify the picture with her name. I saw one of the other pictures had the pup’s name too.

I’m attaching a couple recent pics of Tiki. She’ll be 2 yrs old on August 9 I believe. We love her to pieces!!!

Best regards,

Karen (8/5/17)

female chocolate pup

Hugo at 3.5! Loves his Colorado backyard!

Jim Huffman (5/31/17)

Wanted to shoot you a pic of Bosco (Stealer X Rochet). He turned 2 last month. He’s a gentle giant (95#) who loves a dramatic water entry. This was taken at a dockdiving practice. He’s too big to win…but he surprises people with jumps approaching 20 feet!
Bob Simmons (8/23/15)

Hi Anastasia,
I thought you’d enjoy these pictures of Katie who we now call Riley.
She’s such a sweetheart! Best puppy experience we’ve ever had.
Take care,
Ellie Miklich (5/16/17)

Best dog ever! Easiest to train, best personality, wants to be good, amazing.

Charlie Komar (5/7/17)

I just had to share this photo of our two Labs, Honey (Hero x Caroline) and Newton (Sterling x Kitty). We were on our way back to PA from the Outer Banks and I had to laugh because the dogs have the entire RV to lounge in, beds, sofas, etc. But they both choose to be as close to us as possible the entire trip. We love our labby friends so much!

Monica Weaver (5/5/17)

Hi Endless Mt. Labradors,

I wanted to share this accomplishment with you!
Winter now 5 months has completed this Obedience dog training with certified dog trainer.
I am so very proud of him! Winter is so intelligent and a fast learner. He loves to be out and about meeting new people, dogs and adventures that come our way.
I will send a photo of Winter too!
Alison & Winter


Hello Donna & Anastasia,
I just couldn’t resist sending you these beautiful pics I took of Morgan the past couple days.
I love them all… but the one where she was rolling around & she looked at me upside down just makes me melt. She is just the sweetest!
Happy spring! ???
Becky Hasenkopf (4/26/17)


Hi Anna,

As you know, Annabel turned one yesterday. So here is an update for you and Donna. She is a great girl. She has an amazing temperament and has impressed all who meet her. I trained her myself and she is obedient and could pass an AKC novice obedience trial today with ease, and most of the tests in the next level too.She is a happy member of the family and gets constant attention between the kids, me, my wife our live-in house keeper , Fanny and our regular guests. She is almost never alone. She swims in the pool everyday. She comes fishing with us all the time and attends all of our boys baseball games and practices. If we go anywhere we usually take her. She went into heat almost exactly at 9 months, and so we expect her next heat in August. She weighed 60lbs at the vet on Monday, and is in good health.

Best regards,

I took this photo yesterday on her 1st birthday. (4/26/17)


Hi there Annastasia,

Not sure you remember me, but I wanted to check in and say hello! I don’t know if something’s in the water lately or what, but I’ve had several people ask me about where to get a Labrador puppy. I recommend Endless Mountain every time because we love our Jake (Tara/Mackie) so very much! Can’t believe he’s almost 3.

As you know, choosing a quality breeder & someone you can trust is a huge decision and doing it “online” is often pretty scary. The good, the bad, & the ugly is all out there for all to see and read. I recommend EML to friends because of Jake’s loving personality, wonderful disposition, & not to mention …his handsome good looks passed down from his father! ?LOL. It’s been a few years now since I’ve worked with you, but my hope is that those families I refer to you have the same great experience at EML & bring home the puppy of their dreams!!! ❤️

Here’s a recent pic of our sweet & HAPPY boy Jake! ?

Take care & hope you get some calls from those I referred to EML!


Alycia Lamparski (4/25/17)


Here’s a few of pictures of our Gracie. She turned 3 yesterday, April 17th. We love her so much. Gracie goes every with us.

The first two photos include Gracie in her birthday garb at our home in Pilesgrove, New Jersey. The picture of Lil and Gracie on our boat is is off the west coast of Florida, near our home in Tierra Verde, Florida. Gracie had just been swimming in the Gulf and still has her life preserver on.

John and Lil Wilkins (4/18/17)

Good Morning Endless Mountain!

We just wanted to send new pictures of our boy, Dutch. He is an
Elise/Stealer puppy and will be 3 at the end of April. We can’t believe it!
He is enjoying the nice weather now and loves long walks.

Happy Spring.

Craig and Kristen Gobbo
(and family)


Hi guys!

Hey I have a bit of a problem. Uh. Did you accidentally sell us A DREAM PUPPY? I think we got THE PERFECT DOG and I’m just not used to it. ? Doug was incredibly nervous to have a puppy again, but Winston is proving that puppyhood is no big deal, Dad!

Normal puppyhood aside: HE IS THE BEST. All of the things I missed with labhood are back in my house. I feel a hole has been filled. He was truly worth the wait. Thank you!

-Statia, Doug, and Winston (3/13/17)

Here is a picture from this summer of our beloved pups.

Kim Savakinas (3/3/17)

Hi Ann. I had a great play day with Sammy & Rebeckah Rose. They are the very best of friends. Cousins. As you know Sammy is a former house dog. Both doing very well. Nothing like a EML dog. Please pass on to Donna. Thanks for breeding the best. Best Regards. Ed Lippy
Ed Lippy (2/28/27)

Thank you for breeding such kind souls ❤

Lisa Kellett (2/22/17)

“Looking for the best bred English Labradors one can find? Endless Mountain Labradors is the place! The selective breeding produces wonderful dogs with a low-key temperament that are very well-adjusted by the time they go home with their new owners. The genetic screening is extensive. In addition, the level of customer service and the educational offerings are unparalleled. I travelled 1600+ miles to pick up my first EML pup a year ago and returned this year for a second pup. It’s easy to see why EML/Donna Stanley is an AKC Breeder of Merit!” –Michelle Miles, Colorado, (Momma to Solomon and Ruby!) 02/25/17

Just try to check in every year! I got this best friend / son .. in 2008 and he has not aged or slowed one bit! Everywhere I go people ask, “Where in the H*** did ya get that Lab??” He is by far the most loving .. lab we have ever had .. I knew it the day I had the first male pick in one of Preston’s litters .. I laid eyes on the Darkest Chocolate. Then all the other dogs were … doing their thing ..well as soon as I knelt down .. ” Easton ” literally came straight to me ! Family at sight ! Lol .. anyway he is almost 9 and doesn’t act a day over 3! One healthy pup!! FYI we have found that truly letting the lab be a lab is the best for their health.. wet = soft / moister throughout skin.. his overall health is unreal!! We use prescription oatmeal shampoo ! And a spray in conditioner ! Have a blessed week–Grant Utz 02/21/17

Just wanted to give you an update on our buddy “Hudson”, a Glory x Sterling puppy born 4/2/16. He is the best dog in the world, he truly has completed our family!!!! Here are some pictures–Kristen Lazzara 02/15/17


Hello and happy New Year to you all!

We wanted to send some pics from the past year with Gordy, since I’ve failed to touch base much since we brought our sweet boy home!  I know you love all the pups from your litters!

Gordy is all that we dreamt of- the sweetest, most loving lab… He defines what a Labrador “should” be, and we can absolutely trust him 100% with our two children. They absolutely ADORE him and Ben at age 4 is learning how to handle his nonstop wagging tail!  As a veterinarian, I deal all the time with dogs with behavioral issues, and have come closer to getting bit by a handful of labradors than any other breeds, because of unpredictable behaviors or conflicting messages (and feel strongly that these dogs were absolute contradictions of how labs should act, even at a vet office!). Gordy is the most stable, loving, reliable dog…  I am absolute sure all of your labs are… I would always and forever recommend you so highly to anyone willing to invest in a wonderful family member. Not to mention so incredibly handsome!  Gordy comes to work with me most days and is a perfect example of a well-bred, healthy dog. We absolutely adore him and thank you for bringing him into our life!

With gratitude from Michigan,

The Fourniers

Hello Endless Mountain Labradors!

Harley Laine turned 2 yrs last week and we’re sending along some updated photos. She is Three S’s: Sweet,Smart, and Silly. She has so much personality and is a joy. We can’t believe that she’s only been with us for two years, as it seems as she’s been a part of our family forever.

Wishes for a happy, healthy new year to you and yours!

Lisa Horst (1/31/17)

I know I’m slightly biased, but Endless Mt. Labradors have some of the most beautiful English Labs out there! We just love our wonderfully loving goofy girl (Penny, Evie x Stealer).–Sheri Lau Hohenshcutz  01/19/17

We celebrated Max’s “gotcha day” a week ago, He is such a treasured part of our family and so handsome! He loves greeting customers, hunting with daddy and playing with his sister (our daughter). We are complimented daily on his temperament and appearance.  Here are some up to date pictures, Enjoy!

Bethany Hawn

Hi Donna – two years ago we were blessed with our black lab Tucker
(Reese/queen). He is such such a happy boy and just a wonderful addition
to our family.

He absolutely loves the snow and has become an inseparable buddy to our
yellow boy Fletch as you can see from the pictures.

The picture below of him by himself is from today. He is such a handsome

Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!

Cherie & Dana Gridley

It’s been an amazing couple of days, and I just realized that I haven’t posted anything here yet! After a long, long road, here is Harry and his service dog Queenie! We went the private route and hired an amazing trainer, Nicole Larocco-Skeehan of Philly Unleashed, and found this incredible dog from Endless Mt. Labradors. She still needs training, but without any promoting she has completely latched on to Harry, snuggling as well as protecting him. But none of this would have been possible without the help of all of YOU, and the amazing generosity of our friends at Jersey Mike’s Subs! Watch them grow together, and in the meantime help us work on treatments and cures for muscular dystrophy. -Harry’s Heroes Facebook Page

We can’t thank you enough for this amazing dog. Mickey is truly a reflection of the great pride you take in producing these fantastic Labradors. The become important parts of our lives….❤️

Howard DeNardo 8-14-16


I cannot thank you guys enough! Murdoch is an amazing dog and was totally chilled out the whole ride home. He seems really relaxed and happy here at his new home. The oils smell awesome ( I love them too….they relaxed my whole family?)
Thank you again for doing what you do….and doing it sooooo well. I’m a happy It was great meeting you guys! I will keep you updated.
Jill 3-12-16

Murdoch 1Murdoch 2

Dear Annastasia,
I’m writing to share some pictures of Alice (Bella pup) and Zoey (Quill/Manny pup.) Alice will celebrate her first birthday tomorrow (Zoey was three on December 12.) Where does the time go?
The girls are best friends and have the best time playing together. Alice is still very mellow and loves to be cuddled. Zoey would be happy to chance a ball and swim all day! They have such different personalities and compliment each other very well!
We just love Zoey and Alice and are so happy to have them!
I hope all is well with you.
Cassie (2-21-16)

Zoey and Alice Feb 2016 2

Terrific breeder and great people. We have two of their wonderful dogs now. If you are interested in a pure bred, English Labrador read everything Donna has posted, it’s accurate and true, no bragging, just facts.

Bud Roberts  (11-9-15)

Abby and Hope

Finnegan is making himself at home. He is a very calm and awesome puppy. He loves everybody.

Mary (11-9-15)

Finnegan (Julia x Manny) sleeping puppyFinnegan laying under the table

Sterling Meadow, known to you as Endless Mountain Sterling!

Sire was Remington’s Pride II, Dame was EM Karefree Katie. She was born March 29, 2001

Sterling 14 1\2 bday!

Maura (11-5-15)

14 year old Sterling Meadow swimming in the lake

Just wanted to give you an update on Bonnie who we adopted last June. She is

We are ready! Libbie will have so much fun walking in the neighborhood with all
the children! And greeting trick or treaters at the door!! She is a kid magnet. 🙂 Not sure who is happiest when she’s with them..
I think it’s a tie. <3 One of the biggest joys of having her is her absolute LOVE of children. She’s ever so gentle, so
warm, so loving. She will make a wonderful therapy dog!
Hope all of you will have a FUN and safe Halloween.

Mary Bradford, Libbie and Clint (10/24/15)

Libbie wearing her tutu for halloween

I wanted to tell you how much we love our sweet Maverick, Manny/Shiloh Fall litter 2011.
He is everything we wanted in a labrador. He’s my pride and joy!
Your website is 100% true regarding the laid-back personality of your labs.
My sons always tell me Maverick thinks he is a lap dog!
He is 4 now and is as sweet and gentle as the day we got him.
He instantly became a very important part of our family. We adore him!
The Mashburn Family (10/14/15)

Maverick- black male labrador

Hi Donna:

We are on our annual vacation on Peaks Island Maine and wanted to send you some pics of our three Endless Mountain labs.

Our male black lab is from a Mackie/Chai litter. He is a sweet heart and reminds me of Mackie every day. We recently had him to the vet for his annual appt and our vet, who used to breed labs, called him “stunning.” His best bud is our 9 year old chocolate, Doc/Annabelle who is a gem. She has been since day one and still froggies off the bed like her daddy. Our 5 year old black lab, Stealer/Macy is our precious sweetheart who shakes her butt with a bone in her mouth like no other dig we have had. They truly are special and we thank you for continuing to breed such amazing and sweet animals.

Kim & George (7-26-15)

Savakinas pups

Hello Donna, Annastasia, and Endless Mt. Labradors!

I must share a story with you: our little Penny (Evie x Stealer) has been attending all-day training classes for the past month. When I went to pick her up today, the trainer was commenting on how smart and beautiful Penny is! There is another chocolate lab in her class and the trainer said there is a remarkable difference between the two Labs-Penny’s coat is beautiful and shiny compared to the other Lab (whose pigment is so diluted that his family is actually working with their vet to try to correct), and she is an incredibly smart, hardworking pup who loves to please and has strong hunting instincts! The trainers can’t believe she’s only 12 weeks old with what she’s already accomplished! Penny is a true testament to the wonderful dogs Endless Mt. Labradors strives and is known for. Thank you so much!

-Sheri Lau (7-21-15)

Chocolate female Endless Mt. Labrador puppy named Penny

Happy Fourth of July from Deacon and family. As you can see I sure am a handsome man at 1.5 years old. I am one happy boy. I got to go for a ride in the truck today and go swimming at the lake. Dad said I did an awesome job retrieving the dummies! My family loves me so much. I get spoiled everyday. My favorite part of the day is snuggling up with dad on the couch at night to watch TV.

Deacon, Christy, Tim & family

Deacon (Loretta x Mackie) black male labrador- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello EML family,

Just writing to inform you that our Josie Girl ( Daizy/Devon) passed her Certified Therapy Dog test today. We are so proud of her! Our search for the ideal puppy started and ended at your facility! Just a little over a years ago we picked up our little girl and started with our training and socialization! It has been a fun year but really looking forward to the future as a Therapy Dog team. Thanks for all you do!

Georgianna, Len and Josie Lingar

Josie (Daizy x Devon) certified therapy dog- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Annastasia!
Just wanted to say hello & send ya some recent pictures of our Jake (Tara/Mackie).
We can’t believe he’s tuned 1 this week! Wow, time truly flies!

Jake’s doing really well & is such a big LOVEY boy!!! He’s constantly wagging his back end & tail with pure happiness which always makes us smile & warms our hearts. ? He has been an absolute joy & we love him to pieces! ?❤️

Hope you are all well at EML & are enjoying summer! Wish we were coming up to get another puppy again this summer….but 2 is plenty for me right now! Maybe in a few years! ?

Take care,

Alycia Lamparski

Jake (Tara x Mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors

I have been wanting to write a brief e-mail to say we love our puppy, but time has gotten away from me and here I am 2 1/2 years later.

Remington AKA Remi, has been a wonderful addition to our family. Everywhere we go people are always commenting on how handsome he is. Cuddle was his mother and Manny was his father.

My husband and I had our 1st Child 15 months ago and as you can see, he loves Remi as much as we do!


Kristin Zimmerman

Remington (Cuddles x manny) 2Remington (cuddles x manny)Remington (cuddles x manny) and his buddy

So blessed to have Grissom in our lives. My youngest is the only one left as the others moved on to college. It’s hard to get lonely with such a wonderful heart. This is the two of them after playing in the creek! 4.5 months old.

Lisa Rothenberger

Grissom (julia x manny) sleeping on his girl in the car- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello EM family!

Just an update on our beautiful girl Josie (Daizy/Devon). She started Therapy Dog class last Thursday and did great! She is the youngest one in class. We have 7 more weeks then she will take her test in July. She is quite the ham! She can turn on lights, bring dirty clothes to the washer, bring my walking shoes when it is time to walk, sit pretty ,etc. She participated during the Special Olympics and was loved by all. She will be a great Therapy Dog! Will keep you updated!

Enjoy Spring,
Georgianna, Len and Josie

Josie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna, Dear Annastasia,

Here is a quick update on our new edition Brodie.
Brodie is doing very well and adjusting to the new environment.
He is a great mix of playful, mischievous and mellow.
He plays hard and sleeps hard ;-).
Brodie gets on well with our other dogs, especially with Grace (picture,) as you can see.
He still needs to adjust to South Florida heat, therefore he’s drinking gallons of water. That makes the housebreaking part quite a challenge ;-).
We are very much in love with him.
We will keep you postet and send more pictures throughout his growing process.
Thank you so much for letting us be part of you great lab family.

Kirsten & Martin

Brodie (meggie x mackie) 1 Brodie (meggie x mackie) 3Brodie (meggie x mackie) 2

Dear Endless Mountain Labs:

Just wanted to let you know that the yellow female puppy from Julia/Manny litter is settling well into our family and doing fantastic. We have named her Harley Laine Horst.

Here are some pics below with my preschooler, Griffyn (4 yrs). Harley is sweet, so very smart and easily trainable, and my son is in love with her, she makes our family happy. She has slept through the night from the very first night she came home with us about 3 weeks ago, is already pretty well potty-trained (we have a fenced in yard) and is fine off-lead, comes on command, even from 1/2 a mile or more away.

Thanks so much for breeding and raising such wonderful Labradors. I anticipate we’re going to have a long, wonderful life together!



Harley (julia x manny)- Endless Mt. Labradors Harley Laine Horst (julia x manny) and her boy Harley Laine Horst (julia x manny)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Good morning Donna and Anastasia-
I just wanted to send a few photos of our Otis (Kitty/Sterling) acclimating to his new home. It has been a great week for all of us! He has been such a good puppy… Perfect mix of playful and mellow! He loves playing outside and chasing the birds and leaves or playing catch with the tennis ball. Then he’ll come back inside and cuddle up for a long nap. Our children are in love and so are we! He’s adjusting so well; we couldn’t be happier! We’ll continue to send some photos as he grows. Thank you so much.
Lauren Giordano

Otis (kitty x sterling)2 Otis (kitty x sterling) Otis (kitty x sterling)4

Thank you first for giving us the most beautiful loving lab ever, peanut is not a little peanut any more but one of the best dogs ever. Second for installing the love of caring for animals in Megan she starts her vet tech job Monday. It started with her helping you on weekends when she was in high school. Thank you for being a friend. You, Jonathan and Liv will always hold a special place in my heart!–Eileen Herbert 04/12/15

Hello Annastasia & Donna,

Just had to send you this latest pic of our sweet puppy Jake (Tara/Mackie) today…he reminds us of his beautiful daddy more & more with every passing day!

He also loves swimming with his sister Emma. We’ll take a “sunny” 80 degree April day in Pittsburgh anytime! Lol!

Thank you again for our precious boy…can’t count how many times he makes my heart smile each & every day! ❤️

Take care,

Alycia Lamparski

Jake (tara x mackie) Endless Mt. LabradorsJake and his sissy swimming

I thought I’d write and share how lovely our household has been since we brought Zarley (Reese/Queenie) home from Endless Mountain on December 21st 2014. He is such a delightful, pleasant, playful, calm, zany, and charming fellow. We have a 18 month old black lab girl Zoey who was quite hyper and a bit unladylike and having Zarley there has helped her become more proper and tender and gentle with everyone especially my 7 year old son who she’d always just torture as she just needed to play all day long. Her energy level was beyond excessive, we couldn’t keep her busy enough, having Zarley to hang out with, and his very calm demeanor has given our entire family hope and excitement. We adore and love him to pieces. He hates to be alone, and he loves just parking at and on our feet, even if they’ve only been there for just 2 seconds, he’ll follow us and park and it’s cute when I have to keep moving and he has to keep readjusting to our movement. He is great with the kids, and he loves that my son gets down and plays with him on the floor often throughout the day. He’s a food hog though, I’ve never seen such a hungry dog. We want to thank you, for your dedication to raising quality stellar English labs with a temperament as calm and peaceful as they are.

The Antonelli’s

Zoey and Zarley- Endless Mt. Labradors

We just wanted to share a brief note with you about Mickey. Donna and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we have been stopped and asked where we got such a beautiful Labrador. We always say ” the best breeder you could go to. Endless Mt. Labradors.” Hope spreading the word helps. Mickey is such a good boy. We are so proud of him and how he is growing. The puppy known as Chunk is now 80 lbs. He is a strong boy and hopefully outgrowing his allergies. We wanted to thank you for being the best at what you do and bringing Mickey into our lives. Again we are deeply saddened by Mackie’s passing and could only hope that Mickey grows into the representative of the breed he was. He was the first face we saw when we came to visit. Thanks again and wishing you the best, Howie and Donna 3/28/15

Mickey (Mina x Romeo)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Ana,

I’ve seen via Facebook that it’s national puppy day, so I thought I send a few pictures of Tucker (Hope & Hero) now 5 months old!! The chocolate lab next to Tucker is his big sister, Rogan. They play together the majority of each day and are the best of buds! Tucker is an amazing dog with a wonderful disposition and the best companion we could ask for! We are so happy he’s part of our family! Thank you for breeding such wonderful Labs!!!

The Dean family~Durango, CO 3/23/15

Tucker (hope x hero) 1 Tucker (hope x hero) 2 Tucker (hope x hero) and his sister

Hi Donna and Annastasia!
I wanted to give you a long overdue update on Suki. She is almost 10 months old now and she is every one of the amazing things that everyone has said about their EM labs. She’s smart, beautiful, calm, well behaved, and definitely part human. She has really been easy. I have two boys, 2 and 4, who she adores and who worship her. I take her hiking and to the dog park every day and let her ride in the car with me while I do all my errands. We’re doing an intermediate obedience class now and we’ll definitely go through advanced because she loves it so much. The few issues I had with her all quickly went away. She was very mouthy the first month and then not all. She used to run up to everyone and jump up and like clockwork as soon as she had her first heat cycle she became a calm, polite adult. She used to be very dominant with other dogs as a puppy but now she’s just very confident.
If dogs are mean to her she just holds her ground and in no time she makes everyone her friend. It’s quit e remarkable. I also think that her confidence, rather than submissiveness, is just what our family needed. The boys crawl all over her and she just loves them more for it. She’s also only barked about a ten times since we’ve had her. She doesn’t make a peep…I’ve never known another dog so quiet. As for her looks, she’s absolutely stunning. Everyone things she’s a male, which I love : ) She’s 75 pounds of solid bone and muscle. I think she could even stand to put on another 10 pounds before she’s filled out completely. We joke that she’s part angus cow. I plan to go through atleast another few heat cycles with her as it was really easy. She just lazes around the house and doesn’t mind the diapers at all. I could of course go on and on but I’m sure you have to read many of these emails a day! Thank you so, so much for her. I recommend you to everyone and hopefully in the future we’ll get Suki a brother from you too. If you have any pictures from her siblings I’d looove to see them.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Suni Aboughaddareh 3/21/15

Suki (Abby x Devon)

Donna, I have to say thank you…to you and your ongoing work and dedication to the breed. I have had Labs since the early 1970’s. Good dogs and I have loved them all. We have 2 other
Labs that we love however Spencer is so unique. From the day we brought him home! We never had a puppy go up and down the steps at 8 weeks like he did. He is independent,
not needy or frightened of new things. Playful, happy and just makes us laugh at his enthusiasm every day. What a difference he has been. Smart, eager to please and just a joy to be around.
He is sensitive to our body language and hand signals without us trying to teach him. He is a natural. The first time we allowed him in a swimming area he just went in and followed his dog brothers.
We have never seen this with any of our prior dogs. It just proves that it is all in the breeding program. Also you mentioned Flint River food and the benefits. Spencer has perfect white teeth, a beautiful
coat, and no odor! We do have to wipe our dogs off after running outside some days but they only need a bath every 3 of 4 months. We used to bath our dogs every other week. We found it necessary due to their doggie odor.
We do not have that issue any more since we feed Flint River to all three of them. It is amazing! Again that you for your kindness and your breeding program. I will send some new pictures soon, to add to the collection of other happy dogs.

Sheron Row 3/21/15

Hi, I thought I’d send a few shots of Lux. He is growing to be such a big boy. Today he turns 9 mos. old, but it seems like he has been with us a life time. he is such a part of the family. We love him dearly. Loves playing in the snow,especially chasing snowballs. He sleeps like he hasn’t a care in the world as you can see from one picture. He has the thickest most beautiful coat of fur we’ve seen. There is a wavy patch down his back. He is smart, playful, funny. Does it sound like we enjoy him? Yes, we do. Enjoy following you on Facebook and reading the different articles printed. Thank you for a great pal !!! Dave & Elaine Duschang 2/28/15

Lux (Scotch pup) Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello EML, just wanted to give you updated on our beautiful girl Josie (Daizy/Devon). What a character! Josie is attending school weekly for obedience and ‘home schooling’. In home schooling Josie is learning how to turn on lights, retreiving items such as TV remotes, slippers etc, picking up her toys at night and learning to wipe her own feet. What a ham! She is flying through the lessons! We are very proud and look forward to what new trick she will learn. She starts ‘therapy dog’ classes in the spring! The photo is Josie giving the ‘stare’prior to our daily walks. They are the highlights of her day. Thanks for all you do, Len, georgianna and Josie Lingar 2/16/15

Josie (Daizy x Devon)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

I was ordering some Bully Sticks for Hailey on the Flint River site and came across a link for Endless Mountains. It has been a while and I wanted to give you an update on Hailey. She is now 20 months old and wonderful Lab. She is absolutely beautiful and her temperament is amazing. Literally – everybody loves Hailey. She is smart as a whip and friendly to everyone.

Thanks again for an amazing puppy – she has been a fantastic addition to our family since day one.


Don Connors

PS – I attached a couple of pictures of Hailey – thought you might want to see how she has grown. She looks just like her Mom. I remember when we came to pick up Hailey we meet Elise and she had a toy in her mouth the entire time. When we have visitors, Hailey runs to her toy box and grabs a toy that she brings to greet people. Just like her Mom.

Hailey- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia!

Thought you would like to see some pictures of Vinny and Eleanor. They LOVE the snow!! Eleanor will bark at us until we make a snowball and throw it for her to catch. Vinny has to be bribed with treats to come back in the house if there is snow. I meant to send the other picture around the holidays. Hope all is well!

Corrin 2/5/15

eleanor, vinny and their girleleanor and vinny in the snow

Hi Anastasia, Donna and Jonathan,

Finley (Erica & Mackie) was three months old yesterday and part of our family for exactly one of those months. What a joy she is! From Day 1, she has charmed her way into our hearts: A quick study and so willing to please, playful and loving.

After a few whimpers in the car as we left the Endless Mountains, she settled right down and slept most of the way home, a four hour trip. She has slept through the night, with no accidents, since Day 1. (That’s a gift we’ll take!) And we’re coming along pretty well with the potty training. She’ll sit by the sliding door in her gated part of the kitchen, give a little whine or bark, and that’s our clue. (Of course, she has also been known to do that just when she’d like to get outside for awhile, with no need to go.)

She understands a sharp “no” and has learned that when we go out, she must first sit down by the door and wait for the leash to be fastened, and the same when we come back in. Puppy classes start this evening, so it will be fun to see what new things she’ll learn.

We are so happy that we found Endless Mountain Labradors. How grateful we are for our beautiful little pup and are confident that she will be yet another shining reflection of your careful breeding.

Finley – early January 2015.

Peggy and Ron Gregg 1/13/15

Finley- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello All.

Today this handsome man turned one year old. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. He is such a wonderful dog. He loves the snow! He plows his head in it, rolls in it, and makes snow “doggies” in it. He just got back from a 5 day “vacation” to the cabin in Bedford County with dad. They had a great time taking hikes and playing in the snow. The pink pig rib flavored nylabone in the picture was his birthday present. He loves it! He has had a great year. He learned how to swim and to water fowl hunt. He is a great companion, and we can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with him. Mackie would be proud of the man that his son is becoming! Thank you EML for raising these beautiful labs.

Christy, Tim and family 1/11/15

PS Look at that beautiful face. It receives lots of kisses everyday!

Deacon (Loretta x mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Anastasia,

Hope you are well! We just wanted to write and let you know how great it has been since we picked up Bear (Sicily/Spencer male). Each morning after eating breakfast, he grabs a toy and sits in one of our laps while we have our morning coffee and watch the news. He has been such a joy and is such a relaxed dog. He loves his Flint River Ranch lamb millet (does jump spins while we get it ready in his bowl) and his favorite treats are vanilla greek yogurt, baby carrots and ice cubes. On Thanksgiving he laid around all day, surrounded by a wild household of 18 people. Everyone kept remarking that they have never seen a puppy act so calm. We’ve had so many people on the streets comment on his beautiful coat and rich chocolate color. Sometimes he gives us a look that we have coined “the Spencer look” since his face looks so much like his dad’s in that moment. We just love him so much and wanted to say hi and thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs! Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! Happy Holidays!

Dan & Kate McKenna 01/08/15

Bear (sicily x spencer) sitting in the yard- Endless Mt. Labradors Bear (sicily x spencer) standing in the yard- Endless Mt. Labradors

Our 10 year old boy from Doc and his new buddy who we picked up Saturday. Both exhausted from playing together. Love at first sight for them both. Our new puppy was awesome on the way home. Slept all night too!! Love the puppy essential oil spray!  Jill Pankosky 12/7/14

Doc boy and Scotch son (Pankosky) 120714

Ladies, we are calling Oakley the Thanksgiving Miracle. We had a 4 hour ride home in blizzard like conditions and other than 10 minutes total or so of whining he either slept peacefully or enjoyed chewing on his toys. Happily plopped into the snow upon arriving home and peed. He did pee as soon as we brought him in too but that’s probably because he was too cold outside in those conditions. Otherwise, we could have walked him more. After playing more at home, during which we introduced him to his crate using his toys – guess what he did? The pic tells it all! Thanks for a great experience! We’ll keep you updated. Warm regards, the Haldeman Family 11/26/14

Oakley (queenie x scotch)- Endless Mt. Labradors

This is our beautiful boy from Doc. Also our girl from Twila and Legacy. Both dogs raised in a house with older kids and adults. I have a great nephew and 2 great nieces. These dogs are amazing with them!!! They are very protective of them and love them so much. They are like little “nanny’s” Following them around (could be for the food they drop). We can’t wait to add our new boy from Scotch and Cello to our family!!!

Jill Pankosky 11/25/14

Doc son and baby- precious- Endless Mt. LabradorsTwila pup and baby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

I wanted to send you this photo of Angus, who we got from you some 9 + years ago, and Lola, who we got from you about 4 months ago. Stacey said that Angus was Lola’s great, great Uncle.

I’m 58, and have had dogs my entire life. We’ve had Labs during our family years, which is pushing 30 years. These two are, far and away, the finest dogs I’ve ever lived with. Lola, in particular, is an amazing dog. She is the finest dog I’ve ever had in the family. She has such a sweet, loving disposition. She is a lover! Lola is also incredibly intelligent. And, most importantly, she is so easy to train, that it’s a joy to behold. She wants to know what we expect of her, and can’t wait to comply! Our Vet, who is a grad of U. Penn., was beyond impressed with Lola’s lines and health.

Thank you for what I know has been many years of dedication to finding, and breeding the finest Labrador Retrievers on the planet. I’d never even think of getting a Lab from anyone by Endless Mountain Labradors.

Best wishes for a wonderful holidays to you, and your family.

Don Newman 11/22/14

Angus and Lola- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna:

Here is a recent picture of our baby boy. He is almost 2! Where does the time go? We love him to pieces! He is the best!

Hope all is well.

Kathy 11/5/14

Zackie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Zackie (Ruby x Mackie)

Hi Donna and Annastasia,
This was our little Laney in her Halloween costume. It is a little small on her , she grew from the day we bought which was only a week prior, must be that Flint River Ranch. Hope this makes you smile.
She us doing very good in puppy preschool. The trainer uses her to demonstrate to the class when she is showing new trained behaviors. Me and Chris are like proud parents. We can’t that you guys enough.
Kind regards,
Jennifer 11/5/14

Laney- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia and our Endless family,

Happy Fall! We hope you are enjoying the season in your beautiful “neck of the woods”. Here in Tidewater Va, Autumn is making her arrival in typical leisurely fashion. Libbie LOVES the new brisk air and swirling leaves. She is, through and through, a cold weather girl.

How fun to see her pictures in the recent blog! The big girl panties picture cracks me up. She took the whole ‘being in heat’
experience in stride. Gotta love the Endless Mt. Labrador temperament all the more at times like that!

I don’t know how to properly put into words how Libbie has changed our lives. We are completely spellbound by her beauty, kindness, loving grace, and warmth, every single day. Not one day goes by that we are touched deeply by how blessed we are to have her with us. She is truly our angel dog.

As has been her nature from day one, she continues to spread exuberant joy to everyone she meets, old, young, dog, human, friends and strangers alike. She livens up every class she takes, bringing laughter to each teacher and dog owner, adding levity and fun to the group.
They ALL love Libbie. She enters wagging, smiling, turning inside out to say hello and give her kisses. She “bows”, then lays on the floor when greeting all children and babies… And when she met a dog with paralyzed back legs. Libbie instinctively knows when to be extra gentle.
She is a true ambassador of love and grace.

We are continuing our weekly classes because she enjoys them so. She is in a continuous Graduate Novice class. She is doing her mama proud with her 4 minute down stays and 2 minute sit stays, beautiful heeling, recalls, and figure 8’s. And she’s getting the hang of the (not too high!) jumps too! Last week her friend Nixie’s owner called her “the flying Labrador”. She also still has a LOT of puppy in her. She’d like nothing more than to take off with a squeaky toy and engage the class to corral her. Butt in the air, toy in her mouth, chin on the floor..gesturing..”Come on..I dare ya!”

How do we thank you for the gift of Libbie? My heart melts searching for a way!

Can’t believe it’s been over a year since we brought her home. What a blessing of a year it has been! In a year of two, our dream is to bring another Endless Mt. Labbie into our lives. Maybe a baby brother for Libbie to nurture and love.

I’ll include some recent pictures of our dear girl..our angel.. our blessing.

We hope you both, and your families are happy and well!
Sending wags, kisses, hugs and love,

Libbie, Mary Bradford and Clint 11/3/14

Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors Libbie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of the boys. Keb (Scotch and Misty Mae) and Seeger (Tara & Mackie) are getting along marvelously! Keb is now 8 months old and Seeger is 4 months old. We are so happy to have 2 EML labs! They are both wonderful. Seeger is the most well behaved puppy we have ever had. He is such a good puppy that he goes to work with us everyday and hangs out in the office. I am so happy that he is so good and chocolate! It really is blowing the minds of those that think chocolates are crazy labs!!! And wow is he beautiful!

Seeger- Endless Mt. LabradorsSeeger- Endless Mt. LabradorsKeb- Endless Mt. LabradorsKeb- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna,

We had an exciting day. Raven got her first limit of pheasants (3 roosters). Thought it was time to send a photo and give you and update. She is a remarkable dog in so many ways. She is a perfect companion, house dog and all around good buddy. We have to remind ourselves she is only 10 months old, she is doing so well. She is very obedient, loves attention, takes hand signals, looks to you for attention in the field, has a great nose, has perfect range, and the only time she isn’t carrying something in her mouth is when she is sleeping. She is a pure joy to be around and has blended in with our two other dogs really nicely. Thanks again, couldn’t be more pleased.

Jennifer and Todd Felton

P.S. – If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(Rio and Lana’s pup)

Raven- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi Donna and Annastasia

Just wanted to share with you a picture of Murphy (Vegas x Atlas) who is now 16 months old. Here he is, after playing in the mud on a beautiful fall day.

Murphy is such a wonderful dog – always happy and so loving. We have several friends who got lab puppies about the same time as we brought home Murphy. Murphy, by far, is the most handsome of any of the dogs and has the perfect personality to match. He is fun-loving and playful yet obedient when he needs to be. But at 83 lbs., he doesn’t really realize that he isn’t a lap dog!

Murphy and our 2 1/2 year old French Bulldog Maddie are the best of friends. Despite the size difference, Maddie is clearly the boss!

Thank you so much for Murphy. Not a day goes by that we are not so thankful that he is part of our family. We tell everyone about Endless Mountain. You have the best labs!!!!
Susan and Todd
Shaker Heights, Ohio    10/27/14

Murphy- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hello All at EML,

We were on vacation this summer in OBX, NC and had some family shots taken. When the photographer got down on her knee for a different angle, she couldn’t have known that is the international Labrador signal for ‘come to me’. This is one of the most fun shots we got. The photographer used it on her blog and a reality company she works with has asked to use it too. Maybe I’m biased but she really is a beaut! Grace was so good on the beach; she didn’t bother others (much) and would swim as far out as we were.
She chased birds and dug holes. Sounds like a great vacation to me. This is a Lynette/Hero puppy from 2/2011.


Grace- Endless Mt. Labradors

Dear Donna and Annastasia,
Here is a recent photo of our beautiful Laney. Thank you so much for blesses us with the little girl. She has brought us such joy this last month. She is so sweet and so smart. She even walks great on a leash. She is starting puppy preschool next Saturday. And also is attending her first Halloween party. She is going to be a pumpkin, we hope she wins best costume.
She loves people and other dogs. She is so well behaved. Thank you again for raising such beautiful dogs. My husband and I are are just in love with her. I truly don’t know how after being in the company of her you don’t believe that there is a God.
Kind regards,
Jennifer 10/20/14

Laney- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here is one more from out trip. I told Abby place, pointed to the rock, we work on that a lot, it’s at 8,800 feet at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. She was not allowed on the trails here, so she greeted people as the entered the trail from her “place”.

Bud 10/2/14

Abby (sicily x manny)

Hi Donna and Anastasia,

In honor of National Black Dog day we wanted to write and tell you all about our first few days with Jet. We love him so very much and already can’t imagine our family without him. He has brought countless smiles, laughter and love to our home. Jet is the sweetest puppy ever. He loves being around people and has been the highlight of a couple of soccer games and practices. Everyone has been in awe over him. Jet had a wonderful visit with our vet this morning. He’s playing, eating and sleeping beautifully. Thank you so much for all that you do for Labradors and for providing our family with Endless love!

Heather, Jeff, Caroline and Parker Hayter 10/1/14

Jet (Loretta x Mackie)- Endless Mt. Labradors Jet (Loretta x Mackie) 3 Jet (Loretta x Mackie) 6

Hi Donna,
Just wanted to send you a recent picture of the most loved dog on our planet…… George. Thank you again for the work that you do at Endless Mountain. This dog amazes us every day.
Laura and Scott Hawthorne 9/27/14

George- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here she is! Lady Bling exactly 1 week after we brought her home.
Our lives have changed…and for the better. What a joy she is!!! And what a good puppy
for 9 weeks old, and yes, very smart and determined…no shrinking
violet here!!

Kudos to Endless Mountain Labradors…

Best to all – Linda 9/27/14

Bling- Endless Mt. Labradors Bling (sicily x spencer) 2 Bling (sicily x spencer) 3 Bling (sicily x spencer) 4 Bling (sicily x spencer) 5 Bling (sicily x spencer) 6

Hi Annastasia,

We have some great new pics of Barnaby (Mackie x Loretta). He is now 8 months old and weighs 60lbs. He gets comments of how beautiful he is everywhere we go, which is quite flattering 🙂

The beaches of New England are now open to dogs since the summer is over, so he has taken his turf back.

John 9/25/14

Barnaby- Endless Mt. LabradorsBarnaby- Endless Mt. Labradors


I am just writing to let you know that Deacon is about 9 months old now and doing great. He listens very well and has not destroyed one thing in our home. He is a perfect gentleman.

This past Saturday was the first day for youth duck hunting, ( I am not a hunter, but my husband and daughters are avid hunters). Anyway. Alli, her dad and Deacon went on their first duck hunt together and they both did great!! Deacon was the perfect Retriever! I have included a picture for you.

We love Deacon so much and are so glad that he is a part of our family!! He loves to lay on the couch with us in the evening and “watch” TV. He loves his Chocolate flavored Nyla Bones and his blankie. We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow.

Christy 9/22/14

Deacon- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here is a picture of Abby taking the drivers seat in our motor home when I get up to put fuel in it. She is now 13 months old and doing great. She is with us and in her fifth week on the road. This week at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab UT. Abby goes everyplace with us, at National Parks dogs cannot go on trails, so Alice and I take turns with the other staying back with Abby where she greats everyone entering the trails and is a total hit even rangers. While traveling she sleeps between our seats, but when we stop at a campground for the night its full Lab puppy ready to go.
Bud Roberts 9/22/14

Abby- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here are a few pictures from our first days at home. Rosie loves to surround herself with toys! She brings them out of her basket, piles them up on the floor and then collapses right in the middle of all of them! She also fell asleep last night watching football with her dad – picture below. She slept like that for an hour 🙂 Safe to say she is a happy little pup!

Lauren South 9/22/14

Rosie- Endless Mt. LabradorsRosie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hi All,
Just wanted to give you a George (Devon/Daizy) update. He is growing like crazy at 45 lbs. and just graduated from puppy class level one(he did real well). He starts level 2 mid-Sept. In these pics he took his first lengthy road trip (9 hours) to the Univ. of Tenn in Knoxville to visit my daughter Kelsey(2nd from left in group shot). She took him to her office where everyone fell in love. He brings such joy to our lives and we thank you immensely.
Best Regards,
Jane Elam 8/25/14


Hello all!

Deacon is getting so big! He is such a gentleman, and we love him so much! Our hearts swelled with pride when he “found” his ability to swim this week! He has always loved the water, but he was afraid to go in beyond where he could touch. He loves retrieving his dummies now, and follows hand signals to find them!

I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past couple of months. He loves cuddling on the couch with us. He is such a gentle boy. He loves his family, especially his big sister, Morgan. She is leaving for college on Friday, he is going to miss her so much.

Thanks again for this wonderful boy!

Christy 8/17/14


Hi Donna and Annastasia,

Tuula is doing great! She is getting big now 5 months and over 50 LBS. She is such a beautiful dog. She literally stops traffic! We have had people stop thier cars and holler out what a beautiful dog she is and others pull over to the side of the road and get out to say hello to her and ask where we got her. Here is a picture of Tuula chilling out in here favorite beach chair at 4 months old. Thank you for such a nice dog.

Patrick and Jen Healey 8/13/14


Hi Anastasia,

Here are some recent pictures of Barnaby (Mackie x Loretta) for the facebook page. He spent the day at the beach…

He is doing great! People comment on his great disposition and stunning looks everyday!

Jon 8/5/14




As I’ve mentioned previously and when we picked Abby up, she is now one year old, both Alice and I volunteer at an all breed no kill rescue. We take in mainly abused, abandoned and neglected dogs. Saturday we took in a pure English Lab (Lilly) from an owner surrender because she attacked their other dog several times and bit the owner (supposedly). Alice and I decided instead of leaving her in the kennel we would bring her home and see what is up. First she cannot open her eyes fully and the leak a clear to cloudy solution, so we took her to our Holistic Vet on Monday. She determined that her eyelids have grown in and are scratching her eyes – this has been going on for over six months according to the owner. Alice and I are going to cover the cost of the operation which we eliminate the pain. Our Vet said in her opinion it’s questionable breeding practices. The dog is AKC registered so I tried to find the breeder on line – no website. Bad breeders hurt dogs (my opinion). Despite the pain she is a very sweet and gentle dog. In fact there has been no incident at all and I feed both dogs together side by side – I watch but nothing except Abby trying to steal Lilly’s food. Despite her training, Abby is still a puppy – and a Lab puppy, big time.

Now on to our (your) amazing Abby. Abby took to Lilly the minute she saw her, and has tried to take care of her, this dog is 18 months and Abby is just a year now. Abby licks her eyes, and comforts her. Abby goes to her crate and picks up her toys and brings them Lilly and lays them down in front of her and licks her lips. Then this morning they both ran downstairs to the basement, I called Abby and Lilly to come up, Abby came at once, Lilly stayed downstairs, I called again and although Abby had already come upstairs and sat by my side as I’ve taught her to do (I help rehabilitate the abused dogs we get in and have lots of training experience) Abby ran back downstairs, bumped her nose to Lilly’s nose and essentially brought Lilly upstairs. I’ve seen a lot in my years working with dogs as a volunteer, I’ve helped rehabilitate a number of abused dogs, many of which were used in fighting, but to date have not come across a dog with the intelligence, confidence and sense of self that Abby has. Our Vet absolutely loves her as does everyone who meets her, and she them. She has helped this rescue Lilly tremendously in only a day and a half. We leave on a two month RV trip next week sometime which we have planned for 30 years, so in all probability Lilly will go to another foster, but seeing Abby with her only reaffirms with us what you have said in many of your blogs, if you buy a dog, buy from a reputable breeder ONLY – thank you for being that breeder. I now call her the Amazing EML Abby.

Thank You

Bud Roberts


Abby and rescue