Mecca, Paige, Rocco- Endless Mountain Labradors

Endless Mt. Labradors

in the heart of the Endless Mountains,
in Northeastern Pennsylvania

AKC breeder of Merit-Endless Mt. Labradors

Home of:

GCH CH Moonlit’s Endless Mt. Romeo (“Romeo”)

GCH CH Endless Mt.’s Scotland Yard (“Scotch”)

CH Erinhill’s Guiness Stoubt (“Keg”)

CH Endless Mt. Mecca (“Mecca”)

CH Endless Mt.’s Shakin’ Things Up (“Groove”)

CH Endless Mt.’s Mack Truck, WD at Potomac 2009, BOV at Potomac 2013 (“Mackie”)

CH Endless Mt Shines Like Sterling (“Sterling”)

“For the labrador lover with refined taste” …that does NOT want a “hyper lab!!”


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A Bit about Our Location!

Endless Mt. Labradors at Aspen Hall, est. 2008

By Donna in 2009- A dream come true for us as we now are at our brand new location – a lush, wooded 102 acres. Aspen Hall is our new 8,000 sq. ft. Southern Colonial home, with an all new, state of the art , 3,000 sq ft. Kennel. We are surrounded by 900 acres of serene, scenic farmland in the heart of the Endless Mountains. You will arrive by driving though a pine plantation, that culminates in a 150 year old, tree-lined, historic drive leading up to the new estate home. -Donna

Endless Mountain Labradors kennel
View from Aspen Hall

Donna on the porch at Endless Mountain LabradorsA Brief Biography of Donna, by Donna!

Some people ask me “how did you get started doing this???” Well, as a child, I was a true dog lover, in the sense that I was never taught this by my parents, and they never let us get a dog because my sister had allergies. So I would walk around our neighborhood and visit everyone’s pets, and offer to walk them for free (not even thinking anyone would ever pay you for such a thing!). I was basically everyone’s free pet sitter. My mom always said, “When you have your own place you can have as many dogs as you want!” So that is exactly what I did. I ensured that I will always and forever be surrounded by dogs. Labs to be specific. I have to admit, my husband, Jonathan, picked the breed. I loved every breed. We got our first lab in 1986, and in 1988 we had our first litter. And I’ve been a sucker for them ever since! But I thank Jonathan, to this day, for picking (what I know now is) the best breed of dog in the whole world. No other breed would I trust, implicitly, to sit by my baby’s cradle, not be afraid of them ever being aggressive towards any adult or child (unless someone was to hurt my daughter), and who would be loyal every day no matter if I am in a bad mood or good mood. They are the most forgiving, adaptable dogs in the whole world.

Welcome to the world of Labradors! Beware, once bitten (never literally!), you’re smitten!

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“In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the dog.” Alphonse Toussenel

“All Dogs Are Pets…..Labs Are Family”

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