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Favorite Training Treats!

First up, our top training treat suggestions! These are all a great size and texture for puppy training (and continued training of course!). Not too hard or crunchy for those puppy teeth!

  1.  Tasty Rewards Nutritional Treats
    These are a great and healthier training treat option for new puppies! You can even easily break them in half to make them go further.
  2. Grain Free Turkey & Berry Chewies
    These are a household favorite around here! The dogs get those crazy eyes when we get the bag out! These are a grain free jerky texture, and again are easily snappable to make them stretch and give them smaller amounts at a time. These are another ideal training treat.
  3. Lamb & Venison Recipe Treats
    These are newer treats, again in that great jerky texture! Adding some more versatility with the addition of venison to the lamb. Another great training treat for pups and adult dogs, alike!


*Remember! You’ll always save $ if you set up an autoship order with LA! They also have 4 oz bags and 16 oz bags of each of these available, of course saving her ounce when you order the bigger bag.

Favorite Treats with Bonus Health Benefits!

  1. Antioxidant Health Bars
    Who doesn’t love a good oatmeal cookie?? These are like little oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, apple, cranberry (and carrot!) cookies for your pooch! These are crunchier, so may be hard for the youngest pups, but a great treat for long-term health and immune support!
  2. Wholesome Hearts Low-Fat Treats
    For the weight-conscious lab (and we know weight problems can plague this blocky, stocky breed), these low-fat and adorable heart shaped treats are a great choice! When your doggo is on a diet but you still want to give him something special now and then, these are the go-to!
  3. Gourmet Dental Treats
    These dental treats are both breath freshening and teeth strengthening!

Favorite “Keep ‘Em Busy” Treats!

  1. Water Buffalo Bully Sticks
    While chewing treats like rawhide are a BIG no-no (as they often become digestive obstructions), these bully sticks are safe, healthy, and stimulating for your chewer!
  2. Kong Concoctions!
    We LOVE a good Kong treat! And I don’t mean the yucky cheese whiz filling or other marketed kong fillers… there are plenty of combinations you can make right at home! We use a plain yogurt base (greek is fine, but doesn’t have to be greek) and add things like canned pumpkin, mashed sweet potatoes, or mashed banana… and of course a little peanut butter for taste! (Make sure it has NO xylitol, found in sugar free products) Once you’ve mixed your ingredients together, simply fill the kong and freeze in your freezer for a little puppy ice cream treat! You can also do apple chunks frozen together, that will come out as they thaw. This becomes a fun game!
  3. Raw Marrow Bones
    You can get these right at your grocery store typically, right in the frozen meat area! You could also check with a local butcher. Or if you’re an Amazon shopper, you can click the picture below for a link to order on there! (Realistically this is not going to be the cheapest option, but the most convenient.)
    People often buy these to make beef stock. But you’ll want to give them to your pup right out of the freezer! NO cooking first! Cooked bones can splinter and be dangerous for your doggy to digest. These often work fantastically for those pups that need some crate time during the day while you’re away (or they just need a break!). They’ll chew and gnaw and clean that yummy marrow right out!