Looking for an Alternative Method of Flea and Tick Control?

What with all the recalls, warnings, and seizures regarding Rx flea/tick meds, we get so many requests about what people can do naturally, effectively, and won’t break their banks! Plus, don’t you freak out when your kid buries his face RIGHT in the spot you put the flea/tick treatment? Ugh. I know…

Fleas, ticks, and internal parasites are some of the many enemies you sign up for when being a pet owner. There are multiple flea and tick preventatives out there, but as always here, we like to try a holistic approach if available…

Amy and Eva- Endless Mt. Labradors

Diatomaceous Earth is a product that has various properties… from flea and tick control to treating internal parasites as well.  It also has endless uses for your home and garden.  From cleaning to deodorizing, DE is a great way to avoid using so many of the every day harsh chemicals that we are typically exposed to. You can find it on Amazon,  or you can get it from this company in small quantities.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is a soft, crumbly, porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms (tiny, aquatic organisms).  They are made up of silica, which is a natural element used in making glass.  DE kills parasites and pests (such as fleas and ticks) by piercing and drying out the insect’s exoskeleton so they cannot survive.

How do I use Diatomaceous Earth for my pets?

If you want to treat against fleas and ticks, your best options are to treat your yard or rub it into your dog’s coat.  Just be sure to get food grade only.  You would also want to dust your dog’s bedding, carpeted areas, etc.,  to fully eliminate any infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth can also be ingested to fight internal parasites in animals.  Again, be sure to use food grade DE, and use it daily to be most effective.

*NOTE* DE is a dusty consistency, so you want to be careful of inhalation.

Flea and Tick control–the natural and effective way!

For years, Donna has sought out holistic and natural health approaches for treating common ailments in Labradors and other breeds. In designing her new product line, Olia for Pets., A holistic veterinarian who understands aromatherapy and species-appropriate application of EOs for animals has formulated this all-natural, essential oil-based flea and tick repellent spray that can be used in conjunction with the DE in repelling and killing fleas and ticks WITHOUT the chemicals! 🙂

We have been recommending to our clients to use this spray in conjunction with the DE. This way, you have double protection against fleas and ticks. The DE will kill anything that gets on the dog, while the essential oils in the spray repel the pests and moisturize the skin against drying from the DE. All oils are species-appropriate for canines this product has been a favorite of ours for over 10 years!

There’s even a Spray AND Diatomaceous Earth! (see link above)

For more information on ordering, click here!

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