Silver Labrador - Pics of silver labs

Learn the SHOCKING truth about Silver Labradors!!!

In May 8, 2013

SHOCKING TRUTH: Silver Labradors – Purebred or Not?


Has anyone else wondered about these new “designer” colored labs??? Are these Silver Labradors purebred? Are they not?

Silver Labrador


The general notion seems to be that they are rare and desirable… I’m not quite sure I get the appeal but I certainly have numerous people ask me if I have any. The answer to that question is no, we only breed yellow, black, and chocolate. The AKC only recognizes those colors as well. My fear with people breeding so purely for color is that it’s at the expense of perhaps health and temperament. I did, however, find this GREAT article written by the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. which seems to thoroughly explain the mystery behind silver labs.  It’s really fascinating!  And in my opinion, is the most logical sounding argument I’ve heard yet.  But enough of my opinion, visit the link below and judge for yourself!


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