Is Cancer Preventable in Dogs?

In September 11, 2016

This week’s  is a guest blog by Robert Mueller, pet nutrition expert.  I have read and enjoyed his books so much. I wanted to share this information because I’ve always known that cancer cells can be “starved” by diet alone in humans. The same is true with dogs, and veterinarians usually change diet when a dog has been diagnosed with cancer or has had it in the past. You’ll learn so much from Roberts great insight! Perhaps you’ll find the answer to whats been missing in your cancer-ridden pet’s treatment, or a solution to preventing cancer in the first place.–Donna

Cancer In Pets – Is It Preventable?

By Robert Mueller

Change your pet’s diet before it gets worse.

The rate of humans contracting cancer is ever increasing and unfortunately this trend is as prevalent in veterinary clinics as it is in medical facilities across the United States. It has been reported that cancer is a major killer in our pet population and is thought to be responsible for 45% of dog deaths (in pets that have lived at least 10 years). In humans, the statistics support that one in four will contract cancer.

Even with the advances in medical techniques and new technologies, the epidemic continues and we must ask ourselves, why?  Researchers are quite good at developing new drugs and new diagnostic equipment to help control and detect the cancer cells, but the real question is why the increase in the first place?

Could it be the continuous attack on and subsequent weakening of our immune systems due to the food we eat and feed our pets?  Could the answer to prevention of this disease really be something as simple as changing what we eat and the way we feed our pets?

Your Immune System Must be Strong To Do It’s Work

The immune system has been touted as the very best defense mechanism known to man and animals, helping to defend the body against germs, bacteria, yeast, protozoan, and viruses.  It is a complicated network of cells and organs that helps to defend the body against attack by foreign invaders. When the system is called upon to defend against an attack, it communicates the order to produce powerful natural chemicals designed to counter-attack the invading cells.   The cells communicate with each other through proteins called cytokines to mount this defensive attack. The mechanism is so complex that no one is quite sure fully of all the workings of the system other than to say it possesses an elaborate and dynamic communication network and memory system.

Sick (and obese) dog… what’s he eating?

Naturally the entire process is a lot more complicated than this quick summary, but the message here is that the immune system is the very most important agent of defense for the body and when and if it is compromised, the events leading to disease or auto-immune response issues begin to happen.

Cancer And The Immune System

Cancer is a disease process in which healthy cells stop functioning and maturing properly and there is an accelerated process of inappropriate, uncontrolled cell growth.  Naturally a strong immune system is vitally important, helping to defend against this process. There are several different forms of cancer, which adds to the complexity of the disease, each type having different degrees of successful cure rates.

Food Is The Best Medicine

When a cancer diagnosis is made, one of the first things recommended as part of the treatment, is usually a diet change of some sort. This is good because nutrition is vital to the healing process and is the best way to naturally enhance the strength of the immune system, which can then fight off the disease. 

Pet foods and Cancer Prevention:

This is DEAD food!

  • Most heat processed foods or “dead foods” are not on the list, whereas raw foods containing living enzymes and quality nutrients are right at the top. Buy live or “living” foods only.
  • Kibble is another dangerous enemy and one that is not recommended.  You must reduce the carbohydrate content in your pet’s diet since cancer cells survive on sugar.  A good way to start is to eliminate kibble entirely due to the high carbohydrate content in these diets.
  • Canned dog food is also heat-processed so all living enzymes are destroyed.  Often they are high in sodium content too.

Choose a natural food for your pet.

Why A Raw Food Diet For Pets?

All cancer treatments must start with good nutrition. A raw natural food diet is imperative to good health. All processed foods must be eliminated. If a food will not rot or sprout, then do not buy it. The cells of the body have similar biochemical needs to a bacteria or yeast cell. Foods that have extended shelf life are not going to nourish the body. Bottom line- if it comes in a can or a paper bag, then it is dead food and eliminate it from your pet’s diet. Living foods deteriorate and rot over time. They are the key to perfect pet health.

Additional Recommendations for Cancer Prevention:

  • Don’t buy synthetic vitamins in pill form. Get vitamins naturally from the living food.
  • Eliminate exposure to external pesticides, herbicides, and environmental toxins.

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Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”,

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