9 Ways to Honor a Deceased Pet

In May 2, 2017

It’s the worst part of loving an animal. Yet all of the good so outweighs this bad, that you go through it. Time and time again.

Doc and Ryan- Endless Mt. Labradors

Ryan and Doc

Sadly, you are almost guaranteed to outlive your dog or cat. Grieving this loss can really take its toll, sometimes even more so than losing a human loved one. This is an article that has helped many of our clients over the years. It’s hard to cope with losing a pet, but there are many ways to honor their memory and help you grieve.


  1. A Memorial Stone
    Whether you bury your pet or not, a memorialized stone can honor your pet’s memory and offer a constant reminder of them to you. Like this one below.

  2. A Decorative Urn
    If you go the cremation route, there are various types and styles of urns to keep your beloved pet’s ashes in. From engraved wooden boxes, to beautiful ceramic urns, to urns with a picture frame as well like the one below.

  3. A Special Piece of Jewelry
    There are now companies that can design various pieces of jewelry out of ashes. Whether it’s a ring or necklace, they make the glass bead with your loved one’s ashes, so that you can forever have a piece of them with you every day.
    Here is an example.

  4. A Photo Album
    It might be a nice idea to put together a photo album of your pet’s life, from puppyhood to an old dog. Looking through the memories can help you grieve through your loss.

  5. A Donation in Their Name
    Maybe consider donating to a local shelter or rescue, either monetarily or whatever food or supplies you may have from your furry loved one. That way their memory can live on through pets in need.

  6. A Funeral or Memorial Service
    It is not unheard of to have a service for an animal that has passed. We grieve our human loved ones this way, why not our pets? There are likely other people in you and your pet’s life that they impacted positively and would be happy to honor them this way.

  7. A Portrait
    Consider commissioning an artist to paint a special portrait of your pet, something you can display in your home to be a daily reminder of their life and memory.

  8. An ID Tag Key Chain
    I really loved this idea. Making a key chain out of the tag they wore on their collar. Something you take with you everywhere on the more subtle side, but special for you.

  9. Love Again
    Don’t close your heart off to loving another pet again. Yes it may take time, and that’s OK. Everyone grieves differently. But don’t bottle up all that love you have to give. Love again. Do it all again. It’s always worth it. 


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