Fish Oil Supplement–Why does my dog need this supplement in all stages of life?

Fish Oils/ Omega 3’s/Essential Fatty Acids: For Key Stages in Your Dog’s Life


According to Dr. Stacey Oke (DVM) essential fatty acids play an important role in your puppy’s training because DHA plays an important role in brain and retinal development in canines. It also impacts memory and retention. In research studies, pups fed essential fatty acids performed better doing various learning tasks, “visual contrast discrimination” and performance type tasks such as solving puzzles.


Several published reports suggest that essential fatty acids (EFA’s) benefit dogs with atopic dermatitis (loss of hair, itching, and redness). It also decreased the need for use of steroids, which have so many bad side effects.


Joint disease and cognitive function are the main target of supplementing with EFA’s, since they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Other studies show that dogs with epilepsy and aggression responded very well to EFA supplementation.

Be sure you use a product that has plenty of quality of controls set in like Life’s Abundance’s which has been named by a third party to have the highest quality fish oil available in the industry. This way your dog can better benefit from the product.



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