She’s a “breeder”–RUN!!

In December 7, 2018

Amy (daughter of our ROMEO) and pup.

Ever wonder where you’ll get your dog once all dogs have been required to be neutered or spayed as the pressure of Animal Rights Activists manage to get laws passed saying you can’t “own” a dog…I mean…what will you do? I know the ARA’s are not giving up their pets.  Have they looked into the future and seen the possible black market for pets someday?) And since “adopt don’t shop” has become so popular, shelters—only in certain parts of the country—are shipping in thousands of dogs from other countries—I’m sure you’ve heard the word “meat dog.” In a perfect world I’d be jumping up and down! I want to rescue every homeless dog. But these dogs are coming in, getting through inspection with no blood checks for diseases, viruses or parasites. Many are not socialized and have bitten children. Half either end up in shelters again (for behavioral issues or injuries to humans) or euthanized because they have no socialization. It’s a very sad, sad plight for most of them. The only reason my husband and I have been able to track all the headlines and news on this, along with all new legislation, is since both of us I sit on the board at the local chapter of the AKC kennel club, and are privy to to the changing landscape in the pet world on a daily basis.

As a breeder, I get attacked all the time. Just saying you ever produced a puppy in your entire life raises the ire of some. I once was on the speaker roster for a writers’ conference in California and was sitting across from another lady who I’d been on teaching staff with before but never talked to. As we began to chat she admitted she has avoided us at each conference because she heard we are “breeders.” And trust me…a 1,000 people will give you 1,000 different opinions on breeders. But she didn’t know a thing about me, made assumptions, and wrote me off.

I was so glad to be able to chat with her about “the other side of breeding” which is breeding to the AKC breed standard to PRESERVE the quality of the breeds we’ve come to love. I don’t spend thousands and thousands to put dogs in the show ring to just get ribbons, folks. Every time my dog is at a show it is submitted to the accountability of AKC judges, regional directors, breeders, private club members, and exhibitors. They not only make sure your dog is structurally correct (so it moves correctly throughout its life and does not end up with arthritis at age 5, but can thrive into their teens and 20’s under the correct circumstances—they also get to know the temperament and personality of the dogs in your kennel).

Once this writer/speaker really “heard” us, she softened. She admitted shed’ have to think about it. She is deeply poisoned by AR agendas. But I understand her concerns. Who wouldn’t have a concern?

So, as a result, absent of all state and national supervision or inspections, dogs are airlifted into the US for people to “adopt” as pets all the time. About half of these are ending up in shelters (defeating the whole idea and adding to the overpopulation of dogs in the US??) Please be aware. Please stop in these shops and be sure the pets are being taken care of and have proof of vaccine, rabies, and social evaluation.

And I did, by the way, have to ask this author, “If they shut down all breeders and the gov’t finally shuts down the flying in of dogs from other countries (new regulations are happening right now!), and pet shops close? (unless they sell homeless dogs or ones that wander and end up there)—oh wait—but that IS what is happening. Watch the AR agenda, and preserve your right in the future to have a canine companion!


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