How do I control my dog’s shedding????

Labradors, like most breeds, inevitably shed their coats once or twice a year, during the major season changes. If they are shedding excessively and continuously, however, it is likely due to one of two reasons: poor nutrition or stress. BUT I have many, many insider secrets I’ve learned over the past 30 years from other breeders and show handlers that I’d love to share with you. You WON’T hear these tips anywhere else…so please read…and share…and put down that vacuum cleaner!!!

Preventing Excessive Shedding

The first thing you need is the right tools. Now, many of you have a dog shedding brush in a drawer somewhere–but I swear to you, a horse shedding scraper is better…so good that you better step outside to use it–the hair is gonna FLY!!!! I just discovered this new double one and LOVE IT!

I actually like this tool better than the Furminator, believe it or not!!!

Here’s a dog show handler secret–when it’s show time and you NEED that point toward your dog’s championship–or you have to get that last major towards their title, you’ve been waiting months, paid the show fees, booked the hotel or campground–you CAN’T afford them to lose coat right before that…so my dog show handler told me about this little beauty of a product…SHED NO MORE.

What you put into your dog’s body in th form of dog food is just as important. I have to tell you…most people I counsel every day are so stubborn about what food they feed. They’ll even feed one that has had several recent recalls AND been in the news for it–I just don’t get it–or why they’d risk their dog’s health. But I also know that most dog foods are adding soy, chickpeas, beans, and other phytoestrogens in the form of legumes and beans as a cheap “protein” source–but what consumers don’t know is that legumes are NOT species-appropriate for canines, and phytoestrogens found in these ingredients mess with your dogs hormones and cause all kinds of skin and coat issues. Consider doing yourself and your dog a favor and be willing to be open-minded about feeding a food that is from a privately owned company that has NEVER had a recall and only puts species-appropriate ingredients in their food…and if you are looking for a kibble…

I would never be without my Life’s Abundance Dog Food.  The right food for Labradors and canine’s special coats needs are so important to their overall health and their coat!

For optimal nutrition, and to fill in any gaps for our dogs, we also supplement with NuVet Canine Plus. This adds to immune system boosting and supports overall growth and development in our youngsters and adds important nutrients to your dog’s diet that are needed throughout their life, but are not commonly found in a large enough amount in most kibble. If you won’t be open-minded about your dog food, PLEASE consider this very important supplement–its WAY better than “dinovite” and 1/2 the price. I’ve recommended and used NuVet for over 20 years.

The other helpful supplement is adding Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to your dog’s meals.  Not only does it help keep the skin and coat shiny and moisturized, even the pickiest pooch will love the taste! Our dog’s body’s do not product Omega-3’s naturally so they MUST GET IT IN THEIR DIET. Without it, your pet’s health will suffer and you will have horrible coat and skin condition for life. OF COURSE, CHANGING TO A RAW DIET WILL CUT SHEDDING BY 50% OR MORE!!!

If nutrition is not the cause, then stress likely is.  Evaluate any recent changes in your life or home to see what could be adding stress to your dog’s surroundings.  Dry flaking will usually go hand in hand with stress shedding. Temporary flaking is normal, and we see it a lot in the show ring which is why handlers carry those white spray bottles of water with them to get rid of the flakes and to cool the dog during the outdoor showing months.

If your dog is ITCHING, causing the shedding, tend to the food, but also consider a canine-appropriate essential oil blend that prevents itching!!! READ ABOUT “ALLERGY BLEND.” From Olia For Pets.

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