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Are All Labradors Plagued With Allergies?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me to write more about allergies in labs… so here it is!  One should not have to EXPECT allergy issues with their lab, however, there are many triggers of these skin issues in the breed.  The number one influence you can have control over is the dog’s nutrition.

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Many times by simply changing your dog’s food, you can rid yourself of the dry, itchy skin and other symptoms that are most often reactions to the many preservatives in most commercial dog foods.  We strongly recommend trying Life’s Abundance Dog Food to help fight these ailments. We have always recently heard of some labs having an allergy to potatoes, so be cautious in some potato based foods. Not always bad, just for some dogs!

Some dogs develop an intolerance to all kibbles.  And why should we be surprised at this?? After all didn’t they have kibble trees to eat from in the wild??? Anyways, enough sarcasm… In this case, or if you want to skip right to this step, I recommend going to a raw diet for your dog.  You can get already made patties complete with bone meal, herbs, the whole nine yards, shipped right to your door.  Just thaw and serve!  If you’re dog does do well on kibble but you still want them to experience the benefits on raw food, you can supplement their diet with the raw patties, cutting down on how much kibble you feed.

Fish oils such as Salmon oil are other good additions to your dog’s diet that will help soothe the dry, itchy skin!  Just douse it right over top of their food.  They’ll love you for it and give you fishy kisses!  You can order the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from the BARF World website, as well.

You should also be sure to not over bathe… dogs do not need to be bathed very often, for the most part they are self cleaners.  (As I’m sure they display for you in the middle of your living room floor!)  Using a natural or tear-free baby shampoo is just fine for them.  Be watchful of some of the ingredients in commercial pet shampoos as well!  Anything having something-alcohol in it is likely to dry out your pup’s skin.

For allergies that are environmental, and not nutritional, we have formulated our own essential oil blends that help soothe and relieve itchy skin from allergies.  For more information on these formulas, click here!

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For more on skin, allergies, and the like… check out this older post–>


  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for interdigital cysts. Have been trying to get rid of them for 9 months!!! I just want my boy to get better!!! Have soaked in Epsom salts, used wipes and drops, ointment, hypoallergenic food and now allergy shots!

  2. I am at a loss for my poor boys! First it was frequently recurring interdigital cysts (Keflex helps–short term) but recently they have had pretty remarkable skin lesions (itchy red and sore, then heal up and scab just to recur elsewhere.) Veterinarian is not much help in telling me what the heck is the problem! Orders meds, helps for a SHORT time, reoccurs. I am at my wits end and HATE just giving them meds constantly! I have given them IAMS lamb and rice, but will consider suggestions.

    1. I would NOT recommend IAMS anything… Try the Flint River Ranch Duck and Oatmeal! Just remember when changing foods to transition slowly by mixing in half of the old food with the new for the first week or so.

  3. My 2 year old yellow female, Hope, has many allergy triggers. These include beef and diary, chicken, potato, rice, wheat and pork. Her major symptoms are very red, itchy and inflamed front paws between pads and red, itchy and yeast infected ears. I have her on a limited diet recommended, developed and produced by our states leading vet hospital. This has helped a lot. I also give her frozen fish oil capsules and apple cider vinegar. This helps with the yeast infections caused by the allergies. Research I have done says soaking their paws in a 4:1 water:white vinegar bath at least daily will help to kill the yeast and settle the itching. Also tea tree oil helps to kill the yeast and deters biting and licking of pads. I hope this helps. Cheers from Australia.

    1. We keep the Hawaian ICE-on hand. The blue gel with tea tree oil and lanacaine for itchy spots. Wash the affected area with oatmeal bath for dogs-and a cool washcloth. Warm water triggers the itching. Pat dry the area well. Apply the blue gel. It cools the area and immediately stops the itching. This is great to keep on hand for horse fly bites,etc. Ice pack goes on those also to keep swelling down.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Can you tell me more about Hawaiian ICE? It sounds like it might be just the trick for my poor itchy girl. We have done multiple rounds of antibiotics and ear drops, only to have the problems return a few weeks after ending the meds.

    2. Yes, we love the tea tree oil!

  4. Oh…. undiluted tea tree oil my sting if applied to open wounds. I would dilute with water. Also google yeast infections in dogs. Lots of information about how allergies can cause a systemic yeast outbreak that overwhelms your dogs whole immune system and needs to be treated to give them the best health. Unfortunately this is a long process, but worth the effort for their relief and your wallet. 🙂

  5. Also my vet said that if your dog has red itchy pads on all four paws then the allergy is usually an environmental one… eg… pollens or grasses or chemicals. If the redness is limited to the front paws then this is a clear sign of food allergies.

  6. Love the input, guys!!

  7. Hi my black female lab is 8 months and she is on the rabbit and potato brand and its helped her gas problems and her stool to be firm unlike Blue did for her so I love that but her belly was red with a few bumps, I gave her benadryl and some medicated shampoo to stop the itching and it seems to have helped her out but now Im wondering if shes allergic to potato because of the comment above how some dogs are. she doesnt bother her bumps but she does itch herself and the other comment said their vet said that seasonal allergies would be reflected on her paws and her paws seem fine. Im just confused

  8. Usually,if you have gone grain free or raw and still have the issue, it could be an environmental allergy. I would recommend the NuVet supplemnent (see link on our page under “nutrition”, to build her immune system, and I’ recommend our “Hot Spot/Allergy” formula (Essential oil) to clear up the redness and bumps (see link on our page under “nutrition”

  9. Our poor 3 year old chocolate has been through it all! 3 knee
    Surgeries, seizure from eating an acorn, when he was just a
    Puppy!! But his allergies are driving him and us crazy!! His legs are almost hairless because of his itching!! His face seems to
    Be extremely itchy, as he is constantly rubbing it on the floor.
    We have had him tested for allergies, 3 pages full of environmental stuff! What have you found best to help with the scratching??? He is on fish oil, glucosamine, and benadryl. We feed
    him Science diet, sensitive skin.
    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA

    1. Hi Janeen! First off, I would recommend treating the symptoms with our topical essential oil blend for allergies. We have seen SO many dogs find relief from itching and irritable allergy symptoms using this product. http://essentialoils4pets.com/product/allergy-formula/

      And in regards to food, Science Diet is really not my favorite… All you have do is search some reviews on it… I recommend Flint River Ranch. American made by a small company that values their customers… and their furry owners! 😉 It’s a premium quality, low temp baked kibble. And for allergies, I would recommend the duck and oatmeal formula. Here is the link to read some more about this food: https://emlabradors.com/flint-river/

  10. Our lab was having all the issues you all mentioned. He has what they call “allergy syndrome”. He has been on a new drug called “APOQUEL” prescribed by the Vet and is a different dog. No more itching, paws are all cleared up, sleeps through the night and his hair is growing back. I hope this helps.

  11. We have a black lab and love her so much but she is on constant anntibiotics for her ears. Itches her feet and butt. She is on special food from the vet called royal canine.oour problem is that she is a thief. If she cant steal food in the house she goes to the garden and steals veggies or apples could these veg cause a problem she is up with us a night and we don’t get very much sleep. Only upside is soon we will have snow and all. Vegetation will die. So frustrated for her. She ia a rescue dog and was locked in a cage for 2 years could stress be part of the problem. She is able to roam creely now as we live in the country. .

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