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Am I crazy to want two puppies??

In June 28, 2023

Many people ask me what I think about getting two puppies at once, or adding a second Labrador (or dog).  Well, here is my opinion…

Big dog little dog- Endless Mt. Labradors

Getting TWO puppies at once!

I actually do advocate getting 2 puppies…afterall…dogs are PACK animals, so they are happiest with their own kind. It also solves the question of “guilt” when you are away and can’t be with your dog.  It also is less stress on the pups (no lonely crying pup in the middle of the night…), and is less stress on you. You do the training once for both…easier than getting a pup now, then another later… I’d say I have a pair of labs go out in almost every litter, as this trend has actually become more popular. I also find it is a false assumption that the pups will bond to each other and not you…I’ve had so many labs over 21 years, and I have never found this to be true. They include you IN their pack. they love you as much as they do their canine counterpart. Labs are sooooo adaptable.


Adding a Second Labrador…

Some people ask if they should add the same sex or opposite sex for a second labrador…I can tell you from experience, same sex will only work about 50% of the time, but opposite sex pairings work 100% of the time. To me, its not worth the risk of two same sex dogs having one emerge as the “alpha” and you have to make the difficult decision to place or sell one of your dogs. That is only my opinion. I must at least state it, as I do not want to see any of you experience this heartache. Sometimes the second lab of the same sex can feel “threatened” or in “competition with” the other lab. It’s just not worth it, if you ask me…although it is ultimately your choice, I DO NOT recommend 2 labs (dogs) of the same sex in the same household.

***Something to remember when you bring home your new pup…

Remember when you brought that brand new baby home and you had a little child (toddler) at home who got REAL jealous? This happens when they learn “hey, this little thing is getting more attention than ME, ME, ME!” We always make this fatal mistake…so instead, give the “toddler” attention WHEN the baby comes out…he’ll learn, “Oh, cool, this baby gets me attention when it shows up….I like this!!!” Same thing with dogs. Think of your present dog as the ‘toddler”…the rest is going to work itself out over a TWO week period as the “pecking order” is established. Please be patient, and let them do this.




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