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What You May Not Know Could Actually Hurt Your Dog!

In August 27, 2013

Protect Your Dog

Who knew that what you thought was keeping your dog SAFE, could actually result in his own DEATH??  Most laws require your dog to always wear a collar with rabies tags and ID when outside of your home. HOWEVER, not everyone knows that your dog’s collar could also be a hazard.  Here’s what you need to know to protect your dog….

Aesop and Cicero (Mecca x Winston)

Aesop and Cicero (Mecca x Winston)

  • If your dog is going to be playing with another dog,  REMOVE their collars.  This will prevent one from getting their jaw stuck in the collar and potentially choking the other.  I just read a blog recently in which the author recounted her own experience of witnessing two dogs in this exact predicament.  You can read about it here.  If you’ve ever seen something like this you know how terrifying it is. Dogs have DIED from this!
  • Do not allow your dog to play with another dog that does have a collar or harness on.
  • Always supervise your dog while he/she is wearing a collar.  Collars can get caught on more than just other dogs and can be a choking hazard.  You can look into easy-release collars as well.  It’s not as easy as you may think to remove that collar once it’s caught on something!

In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to just leave the collars off in the house, especially if you have multiple dogs.  You won’t always have an eye on them at every second, and it could save their life!

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  1. My Father trained and worked hunting dogs. In the field they “never” would have a collar on … too many things to get caught on and good hunters will stay with prey until hunter releases them, on more than once a dog would stay overnight until prey moved off. With no collar on we knew they were on point, not stuck and hurt.
    Thank you for letting others know the risk of collars.

  2. I have seen it in my own dogs, tags would get caught in the chain link kennels and in the brush. collars are off always. On if we go for walks etc.

  3. That’s why it’s wise to put chips on your dog just case he/she runs off.

  4. Old Mojo never wears a collar – but we live in a 3rd world country (the Crow Reservation) trapped inside Amerika…there is good on da rez –

  5. Our chocolate lab & rescued lab/mix are ALWAYS naked babies in the house and our fenced yard, same goes for our kitties. Because of that, they will go get their collars when they see us getting ready to leave the house!

    1. Agree with you Renee, my pups never wear collars in the house, or yard, only on walks or when we need to travel, when we travel in the car they are strapped in with seat belts.

  6. Collars off here….them things are so dangerous. We have two labs that never wear them and we. walk them in sling harnesses. Good article!

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