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How Far Would You Go For Your Pet?

Of the many questions I’m asked in preparation for bringing a new pup into the home, one of the most common asked, is if pet insurance is necessary.  Pet insurance is a fairly new phenomena that has many people questioning their pet owning obligations.

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When considering pet insurance, one must think of the following…

There are many treatments and practices that were not available in the past.  Veterinarians can now treat dogs in much the same way as humans.  Cancer treatments, transplants, etc., are all now available for your pet.  Of course all of these come at a price.  A very high price.  

If you are the kind of person that can really put money away to save in the event of something happening to your pet, then perhaps insurance is not as practical for you.  However, the vast majority of pet owners would not have $5,000 tucked away in the event that Fido is diagnosed with a tumor and needs extensive surgery.

There are also the unforeseen expenses such as ingesting a multitude of foreign objects… socks, pieces of rawhide, stones, plastic army men… the list goes on…

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Ultimately, the question is:  How far would you go for your pet?

Where do you cross the line?? If the option to help them is available, would you take it?  Some may say they would never spend over x amount of dollars in vet bills, but what would you actually do in the moment of it?  When you’re really faced with the possibility of losing them?

Because there are more options out there in the world veterinary practice, more expensive options, pet insurance has become more logical.

Now, obviously you should still do your research.  Talk to your vet about different insurance carriers, research the deductibles and co-pays, etc.  But I do think it’s something to seriously consider when committing to your new labby love.

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  1. My work offerd insurance for my pet to come rigbt out of my check like my insurance does. I signed up. Its been I think 6 years now. I do have a savings account for my dog but I am grateful for the insurance and hig hmm ly recommend it. We have had cancer and three foreign objects between 4 dogs. We chose to have the surgery or procedure or drugs to help them. We also submitted our claims for shots and regular checks as we had that option with our insurance. It has litterally saved us thousands. Its sure been worth it to us and our kiddos.

  2. i am trying to figure out what to do because arent most of the insurances only were they reinbure you so basically you have to pay upfront anyways thats the hard part why pay premiums if you still have to come up with the money up front . my marley(lab) and my other two dogs i would do just about anything to save them i dont know maybe ive got it confused if there is a insurance that you know of that does not work that way please let me know it would be greatly appreciated

  3. what insurance is the best? Donna, if you have pet insurance, what do you use?

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