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Cataracts Information That Can Save Your Dog’s Sight!

In January 14, 2014

Eye sight in early puppy development

Just another reason why nutrition and good breeding is SO important for your dog’s health…  This is why all of the dogs, here at Endless Mountain Labradors, have what’s called a CERF clearance. This clearance is done at an early age, and is to ensure proper eye sight.  In this exam, a canine ophthalmologist examines retinal folds, abnormalities, and genetic cataracts in the dog’s eyes.

Cataracts can lead to complete BLINDNESS in the dog.  Of course as the article below states, there are both genetic and non-genetic cataracts.  Good nutrition is one of the best preventatives for non-genetic cataracts. Learn nutritional benefits to help your dog maintain proper eye sight. (Read here for more information on nutrition for your Labrador!)


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puppy dog eyes- Endless Mt. Labradors

***This puppy has no cataracts… just a cute face! 🙂

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