Does Your Dog Stink?

Do you wash your dog only to smell the “stink” a few days later? Does it keep you from hugging and kissing your furbaby?
I have good news… You don’t have to smell the “stinkies” ever again! 🙂

First of all, many breeds are just naturally more “oily” and need more baths than others. Also, during a hormone surge,  if your dog has a scent gland at the base of his tail (sometimes you’ll see a “ring” with lighter hair, or no hair in that spot, but not always), his “pheromones”, that are meant to catch the attention of other canines, can be offensive to the human nose.
I raise labradors, so my boys, especially, are doing stud service on a regular basis and this gland is on overdrive. I can wash and wash, yet experience the smellies with them only a week or so after a thorough bath. Then I discovered essential oils.

Mackie- Endless Mt. Labradors

Mackie at Wine Country 2012

While developing my Endless Mt. Essential Oil Blends for Pets, I began using the “Allergy Formula” on my dogs that are in the house at the time (as kind of a preventative for any possible scratching, and because it smells so good! :)). One day, instead of taking my Mackie into the shower with me yet again, I reached for the spray, and coated his entire coat, then added the “Ear Formula” to his ears, and WALLAH! No smell, and it lasted for a week! So the next week, I gave him a spray again…and it worked!!! After coating his coat, I massage from tail to head, and spray the pads of his feet (where important vitaflex points exist!). Dogs also “sweat” from the pads of feet, and if you’ve ever seen them brush their feet on the ground after going “number two”, they are releasing this scent and “marking”.

Bonus #1 – He is 9 years old, and has started to run through the house doing his “happy dog” laps and is acting like a 3 year old does. I also spray his bedding as well. Remember, you can clean the dog, but if you don’t clean the bedding, as soon as they lie on it, they will pick up the offensive smell again on their coat.

Bonus #2 – No excess shedding!! His coat is lush and shiny. 🙂

Bonus #3 – My house smells WONDERFUL!! And people constantly comment how awesome the spray smells and how nice my house smells!

Bonus #4 – No more stinky, dirty ears! I recommend the grain-free formula from Life’s Abundance for those who have dogs that struggle with yeasty ears! Also we recommend RAW, FREEZE-DRIED FOOD IF YOU WANT TO ELIMINATE THE STINKIES EVERYWHERE FOR GOOD!!!

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