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Why Pumpkin is the Perfect Treat for Your Dog!

That’s right… pumpkin! It’s low calorie and rich in beta-carotene. And on top of that, it is the best treatment for your pooch’s loose stools!


When puppies leave their litter mates and travel often long distances to their new homes with brand new people, they tend to get diarrhea from the stress and excitement of everything. We always recommend our puppy parents stock up on canned pumpkin for their new additions.  It’s at the top of the list of must haves! And on the opposite spectrum, it helps assuage a constipated pooch!

It’s the best tool to regulate your pup’s stool!

A great way to make this tasty treat even yummier, is to blend it with some plain yogurt, and then fill a Kong with the mixture. You can then stick the whole Kong in the freezer to make a festive fall frozen treat for your pup, any time of year!  This is a great trick to occupy a new pup who’s getting used to their crate, too!

We have many folks that continue to give their dogs pumpkin daily as they’re older even, often making a pumpkin and yogurt blended frozen treat!

So this Halloween, OR ANY TIME OF YEAR, trick your pup into enjoying a healthy treat! 😉

puppy with pumpkin


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