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3 Causes of Hot Spots in Dogs

Hot spots are open, red sores caused by a dog constantly licking the site of irritation. But what leads to the incessant licking?

  1. A Wet Coat

    It is not uncommon for a dog that loves to swim to often develop hot spots, because they are constantly wet. Dogs tend to lick at wet fur, which in turn can actually lead to a hot spot.  Be sure after swimming or bathtime, that you thoroughly dry your dog’s coat, especially if they have long hair or a double coat.
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  2. A Wound or Injury

    While licking a wound is a dog’s instinct, and can actually help the wound heal itself, it can cause hot spots in the surrounding area. A dog may also nurse an internal injury such as a leg sprain or sore paw. A great holistic healing aid for wounds is our new Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets Wound Care Blend.  Not only does it hasten the healing process, but the bitter taste will deter Fido from licking at the site of soreness.
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  3. An Allergy

    Itchy skin can stem from a food or environmental allergy.  First be sure to check what you’re feeding your dog. Corn is the number one cheap food filler and allergen. Dogs are not meant to process corn. Labs are also often sensitive to wheat. Look into feeding a species appropriate raw diet, or at least a higher quality kibble. If the allergy is environmental, such as grass, dust mites, etc., try a topical solution to stop the itching and treat the issue. We are getting more and more awesome feedback about the Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets Allergy Blend, and how well it is working for itchy pets! If allergies are left untreated, the licking will again lead to sore hot spots, which result in a vicious cycle of frustration for you and your pet.

Be encouraged that there are options to take care of your pup’s hot spots for good!

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