Booster Shot Warning

In July 12, 2016

So many people ask me my opinion about vaccines, but I’d rather share the scientific facts so that you can make an intelligent decision about how/when to vaccinate your dog.

“The Jab” is high profit for veterinarians. But it can also lead to serious immune system damage and neurological damage.

VID (Vaccine Induced Disease) causes horrible suffering and leads to further big dollars for unscrupulous vet practices.

“Core vaccines” (parvo, hepatitis, distemper and rabies) are proven to protect your pet for a minimum of 7 years! This knowledge has been withheld from the general public for obvious reasons.

Pet owners are indebted to Kris L. Christine, who, in Feb 2005, testified before the State of Maine’s Agriculture Conservation & Forestry Committee ABOUT THIS. It was later published, went viral, and the cat was out of the bag!

Dr. Jean Dobbs (DVM) warns “The practice of giving useless booster shots takes an unnecessary toll on both owner finances and animals health…”

Furthermore, Dr. Ronal Schultz, Chairman of Pathobiological Sciences at University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine is at the forefront of vaccine research and is the world’s leading authority on vaccines. The following information is unavailable to the public and only available to vets. His report states (2005), “We now know that booster injections are of no value in dogs already immune…and lasts for a minimum of 7 years based on challenge studies of up to 15 years (typical life span) based on antibody titer.”

Blood titers can help determine whether your pet’s antibody count is at protective levels. Demand your vet allow you to do this before receiving any re-vaccinations.

Risks Associated with repetitive application of Core Canine Disease vaccines:

  1. High rates of morbidity from respiratory, GI and neurological abnormalities.
  2. High rates of morbidity from liver dysfunction
  3. Rabies-nearly universally fatal neurological disease.
  4. Immunosuppression
  5. Autoimmune disorders (hyper/hypothyroidism, allergies, transient infections, and malignant tumors at area of injection sites

In addition, only healthy animals should be vaccinated. And pups should get their course of 4 initial vaccines as youngsters. Treating VID (over-vaccination) is extremely profitable and Pet Insurance covers VID making it even more profitable to push unneeded and risky booster shots.

REMEMBER: they give same vaccine to a full grown Great Dane as they do a 7 week old toy breed! (another reasons to check titers and not over-vaccinate) Build you dog’s immune system yourself AS WELL by a species-appropriate diet and high quality anti-oxidants on a daily basis.


Watch THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO to tips on vaccinating your Lab and what to do if you are afraid of vacccines


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