How to transition your dog onto a new food

Many of you are transferring your dog or cat to Life’s Abundance food and Dr. Jane Bicks (veterinarian formulator of this food) has sent out this message to help make a seamless transition:

Because your pet eats basically the same diet every day, their digestive system becomes accustomed to that food, be it bad or good quality food. Therefore, when you change to the Life’s Abundance foods, it is important to transition slowly. Gradually switch the amount you feed over the course of a week as noted below to ensure a smooth and healthy transition:

Day 1 & 2 :  Feed 1/4 Life’s Abundance kibble and 3/4 of the old diet

Day 3 & 4 :  Feed 1/2 Life’s Abundance kibble and 1/2 of old diet

Day 5 & 6 :  Feed 3/4 Life’s Abundance kibble and 1/4 of old diet.

Day 7:  Congratulations, the transition is complete!

Feed the recommended amount of Life’s Abundance kibble, using directions on the bag as a guide. 


Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM

Note from Donna Stanley (Breeder):  My recommended FAST transition is to feed the full amount of the old diet in the morning, then fast overnight, and start the next morning with 100% of the new food. This way both are not in the GI system at the same time.

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