Dog Tricks–More benefits than you could ever imagine!

We use to think of ‘tricks’ as just something we did for fun and to impress our friends and family. But the benefits of training your Lab can have many more helpful results:

Stress Relief- Dogs enjoy figuring things out, and doing tricks enforces great things such as praise, time spent with the owner, and intellectual stimulation.

You can do it anywhere– Yard, living room, vet’s office, or in the ring in an agility event. Training only needs to take up a few minutes a day. But its also a great diversion. For instance, if your dog likes to jump up, try training them to ‘sit pretty’ and balance on their back legs for a treat. This will re-direct the jumping into a cute ‘trick’ that results in a treat and praise.

Great Exercise– American dogs, as a whole, don’t get nearly the exercise they require—sadly, just like their American counterparts. Training a dog to do tricks requires balance, stamina, and flexibility and can be as healthy as yoga is for humans. ‘Take a bow’ is, literally, a long stretch. “Sitting Pretty’ builds core muscles.

Strong Bonds – Training and tricks require patience, good timing, and eye contact, and the ability to breakdown movements into smaller parts. All of that time and happy energy can increase the bond and love you feel between you and your canine friend.

If you are looking for a healthy option for training treats (that don’t add extra fat, calories or other junk—but instead serves a “healthy purpose”), check out this page)

Watch my Youtube video below on this subject and to learn about what treats are healthy for your Lab!


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