Donna and her labs

Me and my Labs!!! (a brief history)

 Me and My Labs!

I purchased my first lab in 1988 and was smitten with the breed.  I had a couple other dogs before that but did not care for their temperament as much as I did my lab.  I contacted Sally Kelly (Kelleygreen Labradors) in 1989 when I was looking for another lab.  I fell in love with the look and temperament of her labs.  I did a few litters in the 90’s and as most, started out as a backyard breeder. I loved the labs and the pups so much since I was not allowed to have dogs growing up.  I was in ‘lab heaven.’ We had about 5 labs total at any given time.  We sold our pups to families in our area or to friends and family.

After being approached by a few show breeders about showing in conformation, I began attending handling classes sponsored by our local kennel club.  My interaction with that club spurred me on to learn more and improve my bloodlines. Although I’d been complimented on my labs, I knew it was like starting all over again.  I’d been mentored a while by Sally Kelly, then a gal in my church who showed Bouvier’s.  At the same time I began to take handling classes, I met Tana Carpenter (Carowby Labradors) and we hit it off.  I got several of my foundation stock from her, then when she retired, she sold me her entire kennel (other than a few she kept for pets). She was immensly helpful to me and I learned so much from her and owe her a debt of gratitude!

Initially, I concentrated on improving my chocolate labs, as I felt this part of the breed was lacking in the show ring.  I had blacks and yellows as well.

In 2001/2002 (?) I hired Rusty Howard as a handler, upon the recommendation of Tana Carpenter. Rusty helped me, in the beginning, to weed out things in my labs that were still sub-par.  I bred a litter in 2003 and sold a choc puppy to Cheryl Curtis (Erinhill Labradors) and he became my first champion.  His name was CH. Erinhill’s Guinness Stout (“Keg”-pictured below)

I began to be familiar with Vicki Creamer through Tana Carpenter, and got some labs from her as well, and she was very welcoming to me within the lab community and I have appreciated her friendship and support through the years.

In 2005 I purchased a bitch from a friend’s litter and gave her to a friend who was beginning to show as well.  I asked her to breed the bitch to GCh. Borador’s By George and I’d like a puppy in return.  That was my GCh. ML Endless Mt. Romeo.  Romeo and his brother, Lear, finished their titles in under two years. I also got my “Maggie” out of that same repeat breeding.

     (Best of Breed at Wine Country under judge Vicki Creamer!)

In the meantime, I’d become acquainted with Jenny Mitchell of Tealwood Labradors.  She was very kind to me and a great mentor.  I purchased a chocolate bitch from her and bred her to Ch. BIS BISS Am/Can Ch. Winterwind’s Glenn Plaid.  I kept two bitch’s, one of which is my Ch. Endless Mt. Mecca (“Mecca”), who finished her title when she was 3.  She also won BOB at some large specialties in the NE. Mecca is pictured below:

One of Tana’s bitches, who was 6 mos old when I purchased her (“Dreams”), produced a litter out of Adventure O’ Bam Bam at Kresland when she was 3 years old. Out of that litter, I kept GCh. Endless Mt.’s Mack Truck (“Mackie”) who finished his title at 3 yrs old.  His first major was as WD at Potomac 2009!  The British judge, David Craig, described him as a young Ch. Kupros Master Mariner (oen of the most influencial stud dogs in the history of the Labrador breed). His second major came shortly after that and he finished his championship title then cruised right through to his grand championship.

 (Mackie going “Winners Dog” at Potomac 2009–left)  

I obtained a yellow bitch (Nike daughter) from Vicki Creamer and bred to Gordy (Ch. Boradors’ By George) and kept a yellow dog, Ch. Endless Mt.’s Shakin’ Things Up (Groove) who finished his title handled by both Rusty and Jen Howard and Kathryn Mines. I bred the same bitch the following year to Ch. Wiscoy’s Robin and kept a yellow (!) male, my GCh. Endless Mt.’s Scotland Yard (Scotch), handled also by Howards and Kathryn Mines. He finished his title in 2011.

(Groove- above)

Most recently we finished our CH. Endless Mt.’s Shines Like Sterling (“Sterling”) this past year, and he has several points toward his grand championship and will finish that shortly.


Meanwhile, we are working at finishing the titles on CARSON, R.B., and REIGN. See our “Stud Service” page.

I have not shown many dogs this year as I have been finishing up a novel that I’ve been working on the last 3 years.In the meantime, I have started to work on my judge’s license and just finished judging my first two AKC sanctioned matches.

In the meantime, I am enjoying our Labrador family, and mentoring new lab fanciers. I live in the Endless Mt.’s, just south of Elmira, NY with my husband Jonathan and daughter Olivia. I will continue to pursue my judge’s license in the Sporting Group for now.



  1. I love your labs!! I hope one day to come to you for a pup. I currently have a 9 year old black girl Layla who is the love of my life! :)) x

    1. Donna, In no way shape or form is the information posted about your involvement with the Gordy x Asyia litter true. I have already sent you an email privately to which you did not respond. There is no response. You were owed puppies back and I agreed to honor that in this litter as well as the repeat. You categorically did NOT ask me to do this particular breeding and in fact I can name the breeder/judges I went to. Yes, you were aware that was one of the sires I was thinking about. Anything further than that is false. I would appreciate your changing this information to reflect the truth. Again, you did NOT ask me to do this breeding. You had nothing to do with the bitch you gave me other than indeed you did that. You were owed puppies, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Hello fellow Lab Lover!

    My best friend’s name is “Duchess Maggie Paws O’ Mine” aka Maggie. She is a 9 1/2 year old yellow lab.

    I love her and she loves me!

  3. I absolutely love following your page. I fell onto your page almost 5 years ago while looking for another Lab. We already had a 12 year old Black Lab and could not think of how lonely life would be when his time came. He lasted 2 more years before his passing. Hardest thing we ever went thru. SO crazy to think that our four legged family would be just as hard to say goodbye to as any of our two legged ones. Although I cannot afford one of your pup….they seem amazing and the stories people share that have bought one of your pups are so warming to read about.
    What I really wanted to share with you is how wonderful it is to be able to come to your page and have access to your knowledge of this breed and to be able to get tidbits of information on puppy training and other things. Most recently you shared some very kind words when we had to put our young dog down due to aggression caused by what the Bloodhound Experts called poor breeding.
    We are giving it a little time before we get another pup…but we know one thing for sure…it will be a Lab and I am sure it will not be long before we smell that puppy breath again.

  4. Love reading all your posts,I have learned so much from your site. We are so happy to be picking up our boy,Brick Hero litter,Very soon! This our third lab,but our first from you. We live on Long Island, N.Y. but after doing much research decided your labs are the best. Im so excited to be getting one of your amazing puppies,will keep you posted after we get him. Thank you so much. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      We are getting a male from the Brick/Hero litter too. We’re coming on Saturday. I can’t wait to get our new boy and addition to our family. Good luck with your puppy. Tina

  5. Love getting your pictures everyday! I have two yellows from Shamrock Acres in WI…English with gorgeous block heads…they are everything a Lab should be and we adore them. Glad to hear that you are getting your judges license! Maybe you can do something with Westminster…honestly, I get mad every year when I see the gorgeous Labs and English Setters etc. and some poodle wins…WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!

  6. i purchased our Belle from you in July 2011. she is from the Rosie/Crush litter she is the most intelligent dog. She trained so easily and eagerly. She is amazing from what I’m told at bird hunting! My husband and and I contemplate getting another he even has the name picked out. I would suggest and have to get your next labrador from Endless Mtns Labs

  7. Love reading your posts and especially looking at all the dogs’ pictures, particularly the puppies. I think there is nothing cuter than a Lab puppy! I love the faces on your pups – they are absolutely adorable and I can’t help but smile every time I see one. We have 2 Yellows, both from different breeders, one of which we rescued. They’re 4 so hopefully they will be with us for a very long time.

  8. You surely do have spectacular Labs. I too fell in love with the breed after purchasing from a reputable breeder, 14 years ago. This past Saturday, July 20, my beloved 14 year old baby, Astro, crossed over rainbow bridge. I am heartbroken beyond words. He was my entire world. I know one day there will be another Labrador that I will bring into my world, but right now will bittersweetly enjoy them from afar, and through your website/facebook. Any advice on how to make this heartache heal please do pass along. I am lost without him…

    1. So sorry…the pain is unbearable as we all do understand losing your beloved companion. Time does heal the heart and always remember that your friend is still by your side. I have suffered such great losses as this many times and just let yourself cry and take the time to heal. I always have and no one can take that away, and do not let anyone tell you it is silly to be this sad as many folks do. To love a lab and lose one is very painful. Remeber all the good times and all the times they made you laugh at their silliness. Many prayers and warm wishes for you broken heart. As for me, a baby lab is just what the doctor ordered when I was ready. Never to replace my beloved friend but to help me move forward and share all this love in my heart with a new baby. I love moulding them into Greatness, and sitting back and enjoying their lives.

  9. I love following your posts and we too are smitten by the breed….we have two labs and they are the sweetest, smartest friends anyone could spend there lives with, they are so engrained into our lives. We have B&R’s Miss Maggie Mae-“Maggie” (American Yellow Lab-Red Fawn color markings) and Maximillion the Magnificent-“Max” (English Black Lab). Their temperment is mellow and easy going, no extreme hyperness that I have observed in some. They have high pray drive and this is when they are at their energtic stage. Just super versitile temperments and very observent in every aspect of our daily .life. These two are absolutly Guide Dog stock, just wish I had of bred them, pups would have been Amazing! Keep up the posts and thanks for sharing you story

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