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Spaying, Neutering, and Other Options of Pet Sterilization

Many of you know that we recommend against spaying or neutering at an early age.  Most pets are spayed and neutered at or before 6 months of age.  Below is an extremely educational, and emotional, video from Dr. Becker, a widely known veterinarian, on the truths about de-sexing your pets. It is incredibly worth your time as a responsible and passionate animal-loving pet owner to watch this very moving video as world-renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker breaks down in tears in her grief over having recommended her clients neuter and spay their pups at 6 mos of age for so many years.

Here’s the difference, cosmetically, as well, of two littermates. One spayed at 6-12  mos of age, the other not spayed until after 3 years old:


Now herein lies the question…How else can we safely sterilize our pets and rescue animals? (and allow them to keep their hormones so they can fully grow!)

Here are some new alternative methods of sterilization in male and female dogs:

For males:

For females:


As Dr. Becker says in her video… if you are a responsible pet owner that wants the best for your dog, there are far better ways to prevent unwanted reproduction in your dog. It’s not a matter of the population in shelters or irresponsible pet owners, it’s helping your dog live the healthiest life it possibly can.

Ready Dr. Becker’s latest article on early spay/neuter and the effects/options:


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