How to Repel Fleas and Ticks Holistically

In February 10, 2015


As the warmer weather creeps up, we dog lovers start to worry about those tough, relentless survivors called fleas.
Have you ever wondered why some dogs and cats have severe flea problems, while others are hardly bothered by the little pests? Fleas being present on your pet can be an indicator of the animal’s general health. Parasites in general, and fleas in particular, are most attracted to the weak, unhealthy, or very young animal whose immune system is not functioning well. The best flea prevention is to reduce your pet’s susceptibility to fleas by improving his/her health.
The biggest key to flea and tick prevention for your dog (or cat) is having a strong immune system – this begins with proper,species appropriate nutrition. A healthy diet of fresh foods (NOT low quality kibble or canned foods) will do wonders to keep pests away.
***The commonly used chemical based products used in over the counter and veterinary prescribed flea and tick collars or spray and even topical drops deterrents have been found to cause breathing problems, tremors, vomiting, skin irritations, permanent nerve damage and in some cases, even death. Some animals will experience hair loss and sores around the neck from flea collars or where the topical drops have been applied, plus the chemical fumes given off by these products can negatively affect you and your family as well.***
Did you know that your dog’s liver and kidneys are adversely affected by the use of commercial flea products such as Frontline and Advantage, chemical de-wormers and even heartworm drugs? The toxic chemicals in these products, often result in renal failure (kidney failure)and/or **liver damage** to the point of the liver no longer being able to filter the blood and then, complete liver failure. Contaminated blood circulating throughout the body day after day will most definitely contribute to other more complicated health issues, such as diabetes and arthritis to name two of the most common long term side effects of using these toxic chemicals.
These toxic drugs can also cause severe skin rashes, loss of hair, epileptic seizures, brain damage. The list of adverse side effects amazingly goes on and on. Still people continue to use these drugs because they don’t know there is a better, simpler, less expensive, safer way.
There really is a safe effective alternative for your dog!
You can do it without chemicals!

Protection for the animal

The presence of fleas (and/or any parasite) should be viewed as an indicator of an animal’s overall, general health. Yes, you read that right … Parasites in general, and fleas in particular, are most attracted to the weak, unhealthy, or very young animal whose immune system is not functioning properly. The long-term solution to a flea problem is quite simply to reduce your pet’s susceptibility to fleas by improving his/her health.
Let’s take a holistic approach here and begin with the foundation and cornerstone of good health.

Species Specific Nutrition

Good, proper nutrition from foods appropriate for the species can actually prevent disease by providing the proper nutrients to keep the immune system balanced and functioning at optimal levels.
The food you feed your pets should provide all of the nutritional components which are necessary for all organs and systems of a healthy body to perform in harmonious unison. In terms of finding the proper diet for our companions, this means learning to look beyond our own needs, opinions, and agendas to address the natural needs of the animals that we are responsible for by feeding and raising them according their species and nature. Dogs (and cats) are carnivores and need to be fed accordingly for optimal health. The food should be gluten free, contain probiotics, and essential fatty acids essential for health skin/coat/heart/liver. I recommend Life’s Abundance. (Click here for ordering info!)

Remember, flea problems do not stem from the presence of fleas, but from health-related and environmental circumstances which enable to fleas to thrive and reproduce. They are opportunists, preying on the weak and unhealthy whose immune system is not balanced and functioning at full capacity. Dry flaky skin, constant shedding, scratching, chewing on its self reveals a general susceptibility in the animal’s immune system which in turn, provides the perfect environment for parasites.
A great weapon in the battle with fleas is the Flea Comb. Removing and killing the adults (by drowning them in soapy water) can prevent a lot of future fleas from being hatched. However, flea combing is best done on dogs with short hair and not a lot of undercoat.
For repelling fleas and ticks, we recommend natural essential oils. Oils can also help soothe and heal irritated skin while boosting the immune system, strengthening the coat (no shedding!), and the skin, and healing any current lesions or hot spots.
For killing fleas and or ticks in your YARD, I recommend DE (diatomaceous earth) or Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy made from diatomaceous earth and herbs that is safe for use on dogs and cats, as well as around the home.

Treating the Home

Vacuuming and washing the hard floors often, daily, during the height of flea season is the least toxic way to control fleas in the house. Sprinkle the DE over your carpet and furniture and then vacuum to remove. This will remove most of the adults, and some eggs and larvae.

Treating the Yard

Rake up any leaves and keep the grass cut short. Watering can help drown the larvae as well. A majority of the fleas and larvae will be within 50 feet of your companion’s favorite spot to rest, so focus on those areas. Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy can be applied to grass to kill fleas in the yard by sprinkling the powder or applying with a hose sprayer (DE).

Essential Oil Use for Dogs

Plants produce essential oils as their own survival technique to repel bugs This makes essential oils great insect repellents for animals (and humans, too). Essential oils are all-natural, mild and will leave your dog’s coat healthy and vibrant while working at a cellular level to boost the immune system. For centuries, they have been used in a variety of ways to repel fleas, ticks and other biting insects. Essential oils are nature’s own God-given repellents. They ward off unwanted hitchhikers.

Some of the benefits of the ingredients in our natural essential oil Flea/Tick formula:
**A sweet-smelling, all-purpose insect repellent, lavender essential oil performed well in recent studies as both a tick deterrent and a method of preventing tick eggs from hatching. Additionally, Ohio State University recommends it for controlling fleas. A 2007 South African study found that formulas containing diluted lavender at rates of 10 to 20 percent lavender performed well as tick repellents when compared artificial DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) sprays.
Repels insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, fleas and ticks, therefore, preventing bites. It is an all-natural, non-toxic alternative to chemical insect repellents such as DEET , therefore, is usually the preferred choice.
This oil blend is one that provides a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the insects mental capacity and repels them.
Our oils blend repels spiders and even mice!!!!
Our blend is also known for its anti bacterial properties it is a great natural pest deterrent as well.

Please use ONLY therapeutic grade essential oils.  I don’t know of any other essential oils that are as pure and consistent as the oils we use. They are cell permeable, and every single batch is checked for purity and effectiveness.
Essential oil formulations will need to be applied more frequently than synthetic pesticides, but the benefits far outweigh the exposure to harsh chemical smells and toxic side effects. They are great for misting your dog’s legs (and your own) any time that you go out where fleas would be likely to be found.

For more information on ordering our own blend for flea and tick repellent, click here!

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