The COSMETIC advantages to not spaying or neutering your dog!!


Many of you have seen my photo demonstrating the difference in two littermate sisters—one spayed early—one not, and how different they look—and no one can hardly believe they were littermates–nor the huge difference—but the hormones contribute to structural growth (and growth plates) the first 24 months –but here’s what most people don’t know…they  ALSO contributes to how your dog looks up until 5-7 years of age– or…in other words… looking like the stunning parents (probably show dogs) of your puppy. You bought that pup because you LIKED the way its parents looked.

(the one on the left was spayed at 6 mos, the one on the right was not spayed and was allowed to fully mature)


I can’t tell you how many times in the past 30 years I get this phone call,  “My dog looks nothing like the parents!” (then on goes the “bad, bad breeder blathering) and I ask, “when did you spay/neuter?” The answer usually: at 6 mos old. (‘like my vet recommended” or some sort of excuse)

Well, congratulations, your dog will always look like a 6 mos old puppy. Sorry….

But did you know that the hormones contribute to your dog’s size AND substantial muscle growth up until they are 5-7 years old?? You can only know this if you show your dogs and you never spay or neuter them–like me.  To give you an example, here is our Scotch at 2-3 years old, at the time he finished his championship title—nice dog, right?

Now, here he is at 5 years old earning his GRAND Championship—look at the difference 2 years made: the head, the thickness of neck, the wide and deeper chest, and rib spring, bone and substance!

Here’s (below) my Mackie at 15 mos old, then the next picture is him at 5 and 7 years old—it’s a totally different dog. And by 5 years he was mature enough to achieve Sporting Group wins!

(Mackie finished his championship title at 3 years old, going Winners Dog at the largest AKC specialty in the world: The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac and defeated 1,200 that day) The next year he competed in veteran sweeps and won, with my friends saying he looked better at 4 than at 3! Then I competed at the same show when he was 7 and had comments that he looked better at 7 than at 5!!!)

Same with our Romeo…take a look!

(above Romeo at 3, below Romeo at 6)

Why in the WORLD would you want to miss out on all this beauty??? Why pay so much for that puppy out of that great champion breeding yet never get to enjoy that look you wanted in the first place?

And remember, the wives tales of old?  The old reasons for “Why you should spay and neuter early” have been disproved in the past 15 years through in-depth veterinary research– and the science is there as to WHY you would never want to take your dog’s hormones away. Here are some articles for you to read concerning the pros and cons of early spay/neuter:

(the last link talks about ALTERNATIVES to traditional spay and neuter)


Ok, so I have always had males and females dogs that are intact for the past 30 years and I can honestly claim:

Have I ever seen a case of prostate cancer? NO

Have I ever seen a case of mammary cancer? NO

Have I seen testicular cancer? NO

Have I seen ovarian cancer? NO

Do my dogs mark more than neutered or spayed dogs? NO

Are they aggressive towards other dogs or humans? NO

Do they hump more than dogs that are spayed or neutered? NO

Do they mark or are they more territorial than spayed and neutered dogs? NO


And guess what—you know all that hair you complain about and how you have to vacuum every day? Yep, you took your dog’s hormones away—now they shed constantly—ask any woman who has had a total hysterectomy—what goes first? Their hair falls out and is thinner for the rest of their life, and their skin is horrible.

I hope you will read the research for yourself and make an EDUCATED decision.

Click on this link to learn: Why Dr. Karen Becker, DVM of Mercola healthy pets went back and apologized to every single pet and pet parent she had spayed or neutered early in her practice

Watch her very emotional video concerning this here

I would also like to personally apologize for not writing this blog sooner. I’ve educated my personal clients about this for the past 20 years, but never released a public blog to help all dog owners everywhere.

Now, I hear all of the animal rights activists yelling right now, “No unwanted puppies!!” (again, watch the video above by Dr. Karen Becker)

Well, did you know that most ARA and veterinarians ASSUME you are an irresponsible pet owner and THAT is the main reason they want people to spay and neuter so early? MY clients ARE educated, and thus, they get to enjoy all the joys of their dogs having their hormones their entire life. They live 30% LONGER than neutered and spayed dogs. The hormones affect SO many body systems and organs, so if they aren’t there to function properly, your dog will probably not thrive as much as the intact dog. Dr. Karen Becker affirms this above, and how education has enabled her to put off spaying and neutering pets that come to her clinic.

If you are irresponsible and cannot control your dog—have no fencing—and let your dog run the neighborhood—then snip, snip–cut, cut….you deserve it. Actually, if you are this irresponsible you should probably not own one.

This may sound harsh–but I truly have the best interest of your PET in mind–not the lining of the pockets of veterinarians who not only get paid for the desexing, but they also get all the business of all of the extreme health issues that arise as a result or early spay/neuter  that Dr. Becker speaks about in the above video.

Now, if you have a dog that begins to have an enlarged prostate between 7-9 years old and there are intact females around—you may want to consider a neuter. If they are “attracted” to these girls and begin to swell, well, that can be pretty painful on an enlarged prostate.

If you pet your girl’s belly every day and check her mammary glands—you’ll find a lump before it ever gets serious. There’s a higher risk of mammary cancer if you DO spay her.

I can’t tell you how many veterinarians have bought puppies from me and been open to the research I present them and now have signs in their offices that they will NOT spay or neuter before 24 mos old. Bravo for them. But again, many may be rescue dogs and the owners don’t care WHAT they look like, nor do they have any expectations for how they will mature, or their long-term health. So many don’t explain what I have about the COSMETIC BENEFITS of not spaying or neutering early.

LEARN MORE ABOUT STERILIZATION INSTEAD OF DE-SEXING – yes, you can now get procedures like vasectomies in human males and “getting your tubes tied”, as in women, FOR YOUR PET!  We no longer need to allow our pets to suffer from this inhumane procedure that has plagued them with unnecessary health issues throughout their lives.

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