Its SNOWING!!!  (What are those white flakes on my dog??)

In January 13, 2020

Inevitably, as I counsel people daily about dogs, and specifically nutrition, they will make mention of a “flakey coat.” Some may describe it as “greasy” even. So what are these little buggers and why do we stress so much about them?

BECAUSE ITS WHEN OUR DOG IS STRESSED.  I learned this at my first dog show as my dog leapt out of the SUV and immediately started flaking over his entire body. He was excited. He was also slightly stressed at all the noises of dogs and hub bub that a show ground can bring.

Then, the next thing I noticed, there were handlers with spray bottles and towels constantly whiping down the dog while in the ring during rest time while their dog was not being examined by the judge. And that seemed to work! And keep them cool at the same time. Then a little spritz or two in their mouth and they are off to (hopefully) that next blue ribbon.

Flakes CAN be caused by nutritional issues as well as situational as described above. When your dog is not getting the proper nutrition or you are price shopping for food, consider that this could be the cause. There are many other blogs here to learn about feeing your dog, and also a “nutrition” button at the top of the menu.  With all the various legumes, soy, and beans being the majority of most dog foods (not meat, unfortunately) we are seeing more and more of this as the consumer becomes more educated about what “species-appropriate” ingredients for canines really entails. The Europeans and Australians sure have it right—and learned it long before us and EXPECT their dogs to live into their twenties—they feed raw

So don’t stress too bad when you see ‘the flakes’ but realize your dog is giving you a signal. Become good at reading their body language as well so you don’t into a tiff at a dog park or dog show. If you see them your dog may be anxious (new dog? New situation?) or feeling submissive. They also do it when startled or excited. If their ears are back there is a good chance they are on “flght or flight” mode, so reign them back in, close to you, or remove them from the area.  Be sure to check the body language of the other dog too. They may put their “hackles up” or put their ears back—another situation to protect your dog in.

So next time you see ‘the flakes” don’t stress…but we AWARE of what your dog may be feeling. Its one way we can love them better!!

***We’ve noticed that since using our “Anti-Anxiety Blend” on our dogs they flake MUCH less often than without it.


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