Why be a commercial kennel and how does that make us special??? (Not “big”)

In March 16, 2020

Many times when people think “commercial” they think ‘big.” But in the state of PA we are required by law to have a license based on how many dogs go in and out of our kennel during a calendar year (this includes visiting dogs and stud services as well). For about 30 years we were categorized as “private” but a few years back we went (1) dog over the requirement for transferred dogs (in a calendar year—an oversight by  us and the dog law office) so our state required us to be ‘commercial’…and also put about $50,000+ into upgrading the kennel, runs, and facilities on a whole in 2017/2018. Now, our state dog law office has told us we can “brag” about this status because the rules are SO stringent. Basically, our kennel was awesome already, but now its amazingly awesome. Same standards if you took your dog to a boarding kennel. Temperature is controlled by phone apps, and humidity is monitored as well. Let’s just say, our kennel has the highest requirements in the state of PA. That should also help you feel comfortable in obtaining your new canine family member from us because from birth to the rainbow bridge, our dogs get the care and oversight that ALL kennels really should. We are also protected, in extra measure, from incoming illnesses and disease as all dogs even entering our kennel (even girls for stud service) must have a full health exam 10 days prior to arriving here, and must be cleared for all diseases and bacteria in order to protect our dogs here. We also have strict quarantine laws for any new dogs coming in from other states and countries.

Let’s just say our dog law is stricter than child services. You can rest-assured, your future canine family member is in GOOD HANDS!!!


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