Why does ‘full registration’ cost more than ‘limited registration’?

“Why is there a price difference between ‘full registration’ and ‘limited registration’ for an AKC dog? And why does it matter?”]All of our pups are AKC registered, but the American Kennel Club, as a registry, designates two different types of registration:

  1. Limited Registration – Is AKC registered but it is understood that the dog is not to be bred (just a pet), but can participate in any and all 30+ AKC competitions, except conformation.
  2. Full Registration – Is AKC registered, but you have the full rights to breed the dog and register its offspring, as well as show in conformation.

So why does the AKC do this? TO PRESERVE THE BREEDS! (and the decades and decades of AKC breeders having developed their breeds to be to the standard, and to eliminate health issues in their particular breed!) With “poo’s” you always get the worst of the worst genetic issues in those–there is no accountability in these mixed/designer breeds–you take your chances!

When I began to breed back in 1988, anyone could buy an AKC dog and breed it—thus (I believe) adding to the proliferation of too many hobby breeders with no knowledge of the AKC breed standard without mentors in that breed, nor doing health clearances—and it created an easy way for puppy mills to proliferate—and, sadly, we see the poor quality and structure of so many dogs that suffer because they were not bred with ‘form meets function’ in mind. Now, as a breeder, I only allow those that are the ‘best of the best’ (trust me, my PET pups are even good enough to go into the show ring –but I have to pick the best 1-2 dogs out of each litter to keep improving the breed—and keep my precious lines going). Any breeder NOT controlling who gets a full registration has no control over who will breed their dogs, how many corners they may cut—or they may have less than optimal motives other than improving the breed—like money.

So when you ask us for a full registration, first off, we will interview you as to your experience in breeding, what kind of mentorship you’ve had, and would want to be involved in future breedings and plans for showing your dog—as well as putting you in touch with a reputable Labrador handler.

Why does full registration cost more money? Because you either get 1st pick—or 2nd pick after me—the cream of the crop—the show dogs—and for that we do charge extra—and ask you to please allow us to take part in picking your pup by using our 35 years of experience, and by having watched the litter over the 8 weeks before you see them at pick up time (the best time is 8 weeks to see the structure of the pups—a window into what they will look like as adults). Size can change, but structure and fine points of movement and angulation (I know, boring) won’t, and that is what I’m looking for. And a dog with a “look at me” attitude, too. In addition, we don’t want “tire kickers” at all in this price range. You get what you pay for—and nowhere is that more true than genetics in dogs—something that a person spends a lifetime (literally) developing. We want to know you can also commit to and afford to do the health clearances needed and are committed to also put aside the money to show the dog. All of this we can talk about by phone, should anyone actually be in this category. But since this question comes up—I thought I’d answer it! Hope that helped!


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