Puppy Training Camp at Endless Mt. Labradors

Puppy Training Camp at Endless Mt. Labradors—generations of knowledge!!!

Many people, these days, are too busy to train a puppy, work long hours, or have never done it before and would love a professional to do it. At EML we offer several packages for training your puppy, but there is only limited space and time, and may not be available at all times of the year. But we can train for a week or two. That pretty much covers the basics. Here are the things we work on with them, listed below. Lindy Packard is our intuitive PUPPY WHISPERER who comes from a family of Labrador and dog lovers, trainers, and rescues. Her skills and wisdom will make the transition to “new puppy life” so much more confident for you and puppy, and will help ease anxiety for you both!

  1. Touching feet and toenails (practice cutting them every 2 weeks)
  2. Handling ears/checking inside of them
  3. Touching and squeezing nose (gently), also letting you open mouth to show bite.
  4. Checking eyes/touching eyelids
  5. Checking and feeling around mouth and gums
  6. GENTLY rolling puppy over onto their back and rubbing their belly (though if you are going to show your dog in conformation, I don’t encourage belly rubbing)—no belly rubbing for show dogs!! (they’ll sit or roll over when the judge approaches them in the ring)
  7. Baths, and water in general, and drying off with a towel
  8. Wearing a cone (I know, it’s so pathetic to watch, but it’s good to get them used to this early on in case it’s needed when they’re older)
  9. Wrapping a paw or leg with an ace bandage
  10. Being held in your lap
  11. Being around a variety of “types” of people (i.e. tall men, deep voices, high-pitched voices, beards)
  12. Being around babies and children (ALWAYS supervised)
  13. Being around variously dressed people (i.e. sunglasses, boots, hoods, etc.)
  14. Being around other dogs, and differing breeds, small and large (again, ALWAYS supervised, and we should specify… around dogs YOU know. Be cautious of dog parks and strange dogs. There are healthy and safety concerns.)
  15. Being around other kinds of animals (cats, rabbits, birds, etc.)
  16. Walking on different floor surfaces (carpets, tiles, wood, grass, etc.)
  17. Standing on a scale (like in the vet’s office)
  18. Hearing alarms and sirens, doorbells, fireworks, the vacuum cleaner, and other loud noises (walking in Lowes or Petco is a great way to have lots of noises and distractions) Gets them ready for dog shows and traveling by vehicle as well.
  19. Being around washing machines and dryers
  20. Taking walks near parks, moving cars, and other distracting and busy atmospheres—gets them ready for a show site with people, dogs, flapping tents, and sounds. Or any other type of outdoor event you’d like to include them in!
  21. Riding in the car
  22. Visiting as many different dog-friendly places (banks drive thru, parks, shopping centers, etc.)
  23. Learn to STAND for a treat. Stacked. DO NOT give a treat if not standing looking at you at attention.
  24. Train to walk on the left side, not pulling on a leash, and walking and trotting at a gait.
  25. Teach “OFF!” or “eh-eh!”
  26. Learn to sleep and travel in own crate
  27. Swimming (if weather is appropriate)
  28. Not to rush a fence or get GATE, EVER!  (for info ask Donna)
  29. “WAIT” (use waiting for food/meal) as a training tool if this works, then “OK!” to eat
  30. Recall (comes to name when called)
  31. “Back” with knee, when on a leash, to prevent jumping on you. Use treat. When standing, reward, if jumps, back off with knee, reset them, if they stay still and stand, reward.
  32. Learn to go up and down stairs
  33. Rotate areas where pup plays and sleeps (put crate in different areas) to create security and confidence.
  34. No bite!! (using Donna’s method, this can be learned in an hour!) See our youtube video on “Puppy play biting:


Watch Donna demonstrate how to curb PUPPY PLAY BITING:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ISW8c0xLI4

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