***Note: “Veterinary conference almost over so I will be heading home and back to work tomorrow. Sorry but I won’t be able to answer any more questions, but I refer you to the Tufts Vet Nutrition website!
At a cardiology conference this morning I learned that the nutritional information I have been giving my clients is accurate. Nothing new was revealed, but it is important to ensure that my information is correct.
Canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a potentially fatal heart disease, has been occurring/recognized in low-risk breeds of dog since 2015. It was discovered that many of these dogs were fed “grain-free,” boutique, nontraditional diets. Since that time veterinarians have been attempting to determine the cause of this unusual spike in DCM. Was it the absence of grain, the presence of other ingredients, or some other factor(s)?
Veterinary nutritionists and cardiologists, particularly at Tufts and U.C. Davis, have come to the conclusion that the problem is linked to the addition of PEAS, LENTILS, BEANS, POTATOES, and SWEET POTATOES to the dogs’ diet.
Soy and peanuts have not been implicated in the etiology of DCM in dogs.
If these foods are found within the top 10 ingredients in a dog food, it is a high-risk diet which could lead to DCM.
Dogs with DCM can be asymptomatic for years before they are critically ill. The good news is that DCM can be mostly reversed, if caught early, by changing the diet, and eliminating the offending ingredients.
Please read your pet food labels, and stop feeding the sweet potato treats!” (Be sure these beans are not first listed on your dog food ingredients!!!)
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