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Do you know the REAL PETA and Humane Society of the United States?

In February 19, 2013
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If you want to keep the right to own your own pet…please read on.  The people you always thought had the best interest of pets in mind is an activist group, that if left go unattended, will  make you have to buy a pure bred dog on the Black Market soon.

Gracie- Endless Mt. Labradors

As a breeder with a high profile in the US, I’m often the target of these folks, just because I stand for preserving the Labrador Retriever, and people actually come to me because they do NOT want a shelter dog, nor are they equipped to handle the behavior problems that often accompany these pets. I will admit, there are those specially gifted at adopting these special cases, just as some couples feel “called” to adopt a baby from another county.

As a breeder of pure bred dogs, I have always made a habit of supporting our local shelter very generously.  I feel that since I raise dogs who have homes waiting for them before they are even born, I should also help support those less fortunate. We give our time, our money, and community support.

The following articles will enlighten you. I dare you to peek into this scary scenario:


For more articles, do a google search for “The “REAL” adgenda of PETA and HSUS”


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