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Weight Maintenance – Is my dog overweight?

Weight Maintenance:

Remember, a lean dog is healthier than an overweight dog, and puts less stress on his joints AND internal organs. If you don’t give your pup enough nutrition, it can stunt its growth and development of bone and substance. Unfortunately, most veterinarians are use to seeing only lankier, field trial/hunting types of Labradors. Many of them advise my puppy buyers that the puppy was too FAT when, in fact, it wasn’t at all. The English labs from show lines have more bone and substance , and simply are stockier. Feel for your dogs ribs often and judge for yourself. If you can feel the ribs with a little bit of pressure, he is fine, if you can’t feel the ribs, he has too thick of a layer of fat and you should cut back on food (or treats???). At a proper weight; You should NEVER be able to see the ribs!

As with humans, if you let your dog become a couch potato, it will have health problems, and a brief life. A dog needs 20-30 min of exercise a day as you do… shame on you if you don’t! Neglect in this area is as abusive as seeing an underweight starving dog. Both will shorten the length of life, and also QUALITY of life.

I recommend two feedings a day, one huge meal is just too much volume at one time and leaves dog hungry again.

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  1. I feed my dogs a prey-based model of raw diet. Yes, I do feed them raw meats, organs, eggs, bones, anything that a wolf would eat in the wild. No, they don’t choke on the bones. For small puppies, you can get ground meat with the bone ground up in it. Predators get their vitamins and minerals from eating the organ meat and body parts (trachea, tripe, etc.). No, they don’t get sick from the raw food. Dogs have the same gut wolves do; wolves don’t just eat fresh kill; they’ll eat anything they find, either fresh or rotten, and they do just fine. I do supplement the diet with Missing Link’s dog vitamins. No, I don’t cook any of it. I use cheese sticks or jerked meat if I need a treat.

    One of the best things about raw diet is you don’t feed your dogs as if they were humans. No fruits, veggies, grains. When you feed a puppy a raw diet they don’t have that rolly-polly look; they look like a small dog. If you feed kibble, you have to give them so much to achieve the nutriment level needed and the puppy gets all the additives, fillers, etc. too.

    I have a British Lab that is every bit as wonderful as you describe the breed. He’s 6 months old and learning Wilderness Search and Rescue. He is lean and muscular, ready to do anything. I’ll be glad to send you pictures if you’d like to see him. In the meantime, here is only 1 of the many websites on raw diet. I will say, if you are reading, and they start talking about cooking or adding fruit, veggies, pasta, grains, etc., go to another site as they don’t understand the physiological reason to feed raw. has great food for puppies and kittens.

  2. We have our wonderful Theo from you. His parents are Atlas and Vegas. He now weighs 83lbs at 10 months and is the most beautiful, healthy dog I have ever had and I have always had dogs in my 64 years of life. We tried so long to feed him Flint River but it seemed too rich for him and he had multiple, soft soft stools everyday. We did put him on Eukanuba and he is thriving. He also gets some fresh fruit and veges daily. He gets walked about 2 miles per day but absolutely no jumping or strenuous running. How long should we wait to neuter him (if ever) and when do you think he will stop growing? At this time can you project his adult weight. He is rock solid muscle. Never have I seen such a muscular lab. Our trainer says he is built like a Rotweiller. I would run in front of a train for this dog. Thanks for all you do. Oh, he also gets the nu vet vitamins. Blessings !!

    Linda Byramjee
    Cleveland Hts, Ohio

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