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Which kinds of treats are OK for my dog?

Everyone always asks which kinds of dog treats we suggest.  One thing I will tell you is that most store bought, commercial brand dog treats are nothing but Twinkies and junk food for your dog! They add a lot of extra salt and calories.  I have to be honest, almost every dog I know that is given store bought treats is overweight. So if its on the grocery store shelf…just…no…

Pup and popsicle- Endless Mt. Labradors

Yes, I realize this is the wrong kind of treat… but how cute is this picture??


Carrots and apples are nice “occasional” treats, but they carry a lot of sugar, so you don’t want to give them too regularly. I love all of the treats formulated by Life’s Abundance  because they’re all-natural and all heave a HEALTHY PURPOSE. Especially in puppies and large breed dogs!  And their Bully Sticks are the only safe “chewing” option I know of without dyes, bleaching and other horrible ingredients used in rawhide-type chews.

You can browse all of Life’s Abundance treats here:  Life’s Abundance dog treats. Most are under $10 for a whole bag. And if you add these to your monthly auto-ship with your food, you can get up to 20% off your order each month!

Another thing I LOVE is the Kong.  These durable rubber cone shaped toys are amazing, especially for dogs that tear up stuffed animals!  If you get the black colored, these are the extremely durable ones “Kong Extreme”.  I do not recommend buying the store bought Kong filler, but I have stuffed Kongs with bananas, sweet potatoes, apples (all in moderation–remember all the sugar they contain–and could give your doggy the “runs), or maybe a little bit of cashew butter and then frozen them as a nice quiet time treat.  I spoke with a client the other day who said he fills the Kong with plain yogurt and freezes it (be careful of dairy, it can cause GI distress).

While training a puppy, I always tell people to just use pieces of their kibble as treats (taken from the amount of food per day, not added on to that amount) because you’ll be giving them often, and puppies don’t notice the difference! OR, if you like the idea of a training treat that has “healthy purpose” (adding to your already great food, Grain-Free All Life Stages food), I would HIGHLY recommend the Grain-Free Turkey and Berry Treats. Berries are loaded with anti-oxidants and have the highest ORAC rating (this is how the industry rates the potency of an anti-oxidant found in a food, treat, or supplement). I love that I can easily tear them into little pieces which is PERFECT for training!
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  1. Is alright to give your dogs rawhide bones?

    1. Rawhide bones can be very dangerous if the dog ingests too large of a piece. Plus rawhide bones teach the dog it’s ok to pull things apart… next thing will be your shoes! I don’t recommend them…

    2. I don’t recommend the rawhide bones. When my chocolate lab was a puppy she had two seizures and the vet thought it could be epilepsy. Turns out that the rawhide was too much for her liver to process, and that’s why she had the seizures.

  2. I have an almost-12-year-old Lab who is overweight. My vet recommended carrots and Cheerios (plain, of course) as treats for Jazzie.

    1. Cheerios? I guess that’s fine, unless your dog is allergic to wheat..

    2. for weight loss, I’ve heard of adding green beans in place of kibble so as not to add extra fat or calories, but to help the dog not feel hungry as you are decreasing the kibble to encourage weight loss

      1. My vet also said to feed frozen cut green beans and/or frozen cut carrots to substitute for kibble volume. My 2 yellow labs put on weight when I changed their food for digestion issues. I was feeding what the bag said and it was too “rich” for them. I want to keep their weight down so they don’t have issues when they are older. They love the green beans and carrots. We feed more green beans than carrots and defrost them in running warm water before putting them in with their food. They both lost the excess weight in no time and now maintain the good weight we want at 85 and 90 lbs each.

  3. We make our own treats…we NEVER use wheat flour…I like the rice, oat or soy flour. You can add parsley for fresh breath, carrots, blueberries, venison, whatever your dogs like.

  4. How about peanut butter as a treat?

    1. A little bit is ok… cashew butter is even better. 🙂

  5. I Have a 7 year old chocolate lab with beautiful white teeth that I have never
    once had to brush. I believe it’s because he has always chewed on rawhide bones made in the USA. People compliment him all the time for his beautiful teeth. The rawhide bones keep my Tucker out of a lot of trouble.. chewing shoes, furniture..etc nor have I ever had a medical issue regarding him chewing raw hide made in the USA -never ones made in china. Works for this Lab!

  6. What do y’all think on antlers (elk or deer)? My black lab seems to enjoy them but once the antler gets too small I throw them away. They seem pretty natural and Eco-friendly.

  7. I buy fresh turkey breast and chop it up for treats. My yellow lab plays hard and I feel the extra protein Is good plus he loves turkey.

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