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Will the government take your pet away?

In April 6, 2013
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Your Pet and The Government

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YES! That is where the new legislation is heading.  Imagine a future when you will only be considered a “guardian” of your animal…no more ownership. Any vet at any time can say you are “unfit”…and there goes your beloved pet into the hands of who-knows-who! Don’t believe me.  Google :”the real agenda of HSUS and Peta” Both are now one in the same.

Although they masquerade as a organization “benefiting the welfare of animals”, they are an organization that means ,as well, to protect animals from YOU!

Their first goal is to save animals from abuse, slaughter, and puppy mills.  All well and good.  But after they shut down the puppy mills, they are coming after me, the “hobby breeder”, and then they are coming after YOU, the pet owner!

How did we get this far?  Well, first of all, we’ve been blindly supporting organizations with agendas below the surface. Now, as our AKC Kennel clubs around the country monitor the incoming bills, we see everything going in the direction that we most feared.

I believe, as a result, someday, if you are lucky enough to obtain a pet, it will be from a shelter only (and our US shelters are already importing dogs from other countries to fill the demand here!) And if not, you will have to obtain one from a very RICH person (at an extravagant price!), just like in the old days when only the wealthy had kennels and dogs! (many of who developed the breeds we enjoy today) Only the wealthy will be able to shoulder the cost of raising dogs in the environment required by the increasing state laws, and all hobby and show breeders will drop out. AND, even then, you will simply be the guardian of that dog.  If you run into a vet at any given time who’s having a bad day, or you have a personality issue with, POOF!  They get the pet taken away from you.  Sound scary?  It should!

I would implore you to do some research into the real agenda of HSUS and Peta, and become active in saving your rights to be a pet owner.



  1. I’m a huge fan of your kennel and know quite a few of your dogs- even 30 miles out to sea on our little island. That said, I’m very disappointed in your conspiracy theory type view on the legislation. I am on the board of the only local shelter, and while we don’t import our dogs, there is a huge demand as you stated. That said, well-respected kennels like yours is never one that we’d discourage people from buying from. The exact opposite. It’s the crazy inbreed puppy mills and drug addicts that breed “purebreds” (and put the dogs health at risk) to pay for their next fix that we don’t support. But even then, it’s not the owners fault that they were uneducated in their decision of where they got their dog. I’ve also never heard of a vet (or met a vet that would) taking a pet from someone they deemed “unfit”. It’s up to the state- and believe you me, the state is pretty lack in their conviction (drive through a city slum someday and see the chains imbedded in those dogs’ necks). Also, as a shelter, I can tell you if it did come to that, we’d assess the situation and provide grants, education, etc to help the individual. It’s far more traumatic for the pet to be taken out of their home. I wish being as notable as you are in the dog community you’d take time to think about what you say. People listen, and if I wasn’t VERY well versed, I’d believe you…

    1. I would never had shared this blog unless I heard this information straight from the mouth of someone who has been the president of the PAVMA and is currently on the board and many committees.
      Furthermore, I guess USA today was incorrect in stating that some shelters DO ship in dogs from other countries, but perhaps yours in not one of those.
      I appreciate your comments and I like this discussion and would like to see where it goes, particularly if anyone who is a vet or legislator would like to get involved.

  2. And as far as becoming a “guardian” versus “owner”, they do that because people can abuse their property. Humane laws would not apply to property.

    1. according to the PAVMA, dogs are property now, but PETA and HSUS is working towards people only having pets that they are “wards” of. So therefore, they could be taken away if they are not deemed property anymore as far as the local or federal government is concerned.
      Its all very scary to see where this all is headed. If you’d like to seek out more facts, be sure to begin conversations with PAVMA and ask them directly. If you email me privately, I can steer you to some people who could answer your questions.

      1. Donna,

        I strongly believe you are 100% correct in your statements! While it may be the so called “puppymills” they are striving to wipe out, it will not stop there. Their goal is to put all breeders out of business. Once that happens and all of the pets in shelters are adopted then what. Wait another 10-15 years until all the currently living dogs are cats are passed, and there won’t be any pets for us to love and enjoy ever again. This may seem far fetched, but think about it for a bit people! HSUS and PETA supporters that do not know the facts may choose not to believe this theory, but those of us who would be effected know this is where it’s heading. I personally want to thank you over and over for all you do. Not to mention for the incredibly AMAZING you dogs you breed and share with their families!!! Thank you Donna, we’re definitely big fans of Endless Mountain Labradors!!!

  3. I guess I’m just so sad that you seem so anti-shelter. I’ve sent over 10 people to you (and they’ve purchased) so it feels a bit like a betrayal. You do an amazing job with your dogs and I know will continue to.

    1. I don’t think any breeder is “anti-shelter”, but HSUS and PETA are NOT shelters, nor do they support them. They are basically “anti-pets” in general, whether they come from a shelter or a breeder.

  4. As a kennel owner for over 40 years I’ve had occasion to experience the actions of HSUS and PETA and their double standards. Members of PETA once visited a show in Raleigh, NC where they ‘”freed” some very valuable show dogs who ventured onto some very busy roadways. Thankfully dogs were safely captured, but you can imagine the panic that ensued while the dogs were loose. Since that time most of us who show our dogs never leave leave our areas untended and often put locks on our crate doors. I make it a habit to warn other animal owners about this danger when teaching dog classes. If any such bills are presented to
    congress please make their numbers public, and those of you that see them please write to your representatives and congressmen. It does matter as they know that for every person who contacts them one hundred do not. Your message represents one hundred people.

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