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Does Your Labrador Snack on His Poo?

OK it sounds funny… but really!  We’ve had people ask in the past about their labs eating their own poop in the yard. We recently saw quite the funniest post from “It’s A Lab Thing” (, in which they very comically referred to these treats as “yard brownies” lol!  Love that…

Hattie x Reese- Endless Mt. Labradors

Hattie x Reese pup

OK, OK, all humor aside… This is most typically a behavioral thing that they will grow out of, but it can also be a sign of a nutritional deficiency.  If you’re concerned that this is a possibility, you can try the food that we recommend Life’s Abundance dog food, especially the “Grain Free All Life Stages”. Click here to order!

If it is simply a behavioral thing, there are options!  I would look into different “No lick” products which you simply spray on the poo to deter them from eating it! (of course you’d wish the fact that it was poo would deter them enough!)

Have you ever found this to be a problem in your labs???





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