Keb and Seeger playing in the ocean together

16 Happy Labs That Know How To Celebrate Summer!

1. The cute blonde that isn’t afraid to dive right in!

Piper (Amy x Hero) swimming in the pool

2. This girl chillin’ in the kiddie pool.

Abby (Sicily x Manny) chilling in the kiddie pool at a fundraiser!

3. Always the last one out of the water…

Wet Yellow lab

4. This girl knows how to shred a gnarly wave!

Dog Surfing- Endless Mt Labradors

5. The guy with the drive that never dies.

Rigby (Kindle x Preston) retrieving a dummy- Endless Mt Labradors


Chocolate Lab high diving into the pool- Endless Mt Labradors

7. “OH I would swim 500 miles and I would swim 500 more, just to be the pup to swim 500 miles to bring you… a tennis ball.”

Lily (aria x preston) retrieving her ball in the water

8. The beach babe, catchin’ some rays.

Chocolate Lab on the beach

9. “Look! I saved it!”

Yellow Lab retrieving in the ocean

10. The fearless camp mascot.

Bodie (Cuddles x Henley) Jumping into the pool at camp

11. Enforcing the buddy system!

Two Labradors in the lake

12. Still enforcing…

Two dogs retrieving a stick in the lake

13. Always wear your PFD!

Chocolate Labrador in a water tube

14. Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

Chocolate lab pup swimming in the pool

15. “Time to play sharks and minnows!”

Bodie (Cuddles x Henley) playing in the pool with the kids at camp

16. And of course, this couple of beach boys!

Keb and Seeger playing in the ocean together


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