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5 Things to Remember When Introducing a New Puppy to an Old Dog

In November 27, 2017

Introducing a new puppy to the pack

If you haven’t already found this… you will soon learn that most Labrador homes are multi-labrador homes!  It’s true! One just isn’t enough!  And once you have two, you will never have just one again…

Scotch pup and older dog- Endless Mt. Labradors

Now to the question that most ask when they are first-time-two-dog owners…  

How do we introduce the new puppy?

“What is the best way to introduce the new puppy to our dog at home now?”  

Lola and Nick- Endless Mt. Labradors

Here are 5  things to remember when introducing another dog to the pack at home…

  1. Keep it neutral…
    As best as you can, introduce the two on neutral grounds.  Now keep in mind this is more for the older dog than the new puppy.  The puppy hasn’t yet laid claim anywhere.
  2. Take off the leash…
    Dogs feel territorial on a leash.  If you let that puppy free and hold onto Fido with a leash, he will feel more threatened than he would if he was loose, because he is restrained.  It’s just natural instinct.  Let him sniff it out and just stand right there with them.
  3. Show your dog that with the puppy, comes attention for him too…
    Remember when you bought that brand new baby home and you had a little child (toddler) at home who got REAL jealous?  This happens when they learn “hey, this little thing is getting more attention than ME, ME, ME!” We always make this fatal mistake…so instead, give the “toddler” attention WHEN the baby comes out…he’ll learn, “Oh, cool, this baby gets me attention when it shows up….I like this!!!”
  4. Opposite sex pairing works best…
    As a general rule, we recommend opposite sex pairing.  It will work 100% of the time!  If you have an older male and home and bring home another male pup, you may have a chance of alpha issues between the two.  Same goes for the females (and sometimes even more so!).
  5. Let them establish the pecking order…
    Be patient with them. There will be a solid 2 week period of adjustment for them to establish the pecking order in their new pack.


Ultimately, your two labby loves I’m sure, will become inseparable and the best of buds!  Dogs are pack animals and always do well with a companion… Once you start your cycle of a multi-labby household, you will find the transition for each new dog is easier and easier! 🙂

Lola and Nick- Endless Mt. Labradors

(All of the pictures above are of new puppy Lola (Penny x Scotch) and her new big brother, Nick.  As you can see, they’ve adjusted quite well!!)

Here is an email we received from Nick and Lola’s mom, Noelle, along with these pictures…


You were 100% correct about opposite sex pairings. As you can see, my very dominant 4 year old male, Nick, is completely tolerant of Miss Lola!

It’s been a perfect match.




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